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Use Of Projectors :

The trend of using projectors instead of televisions is increasing around the globe as the features, screening, and size of the projector are much more advance and larger than that of small-sized television.

While looking for the most suitable projector, the basic factors and features that are considered include its lumen power and lifespan, zoom in length, lens shifting, keystone correction, and other features. The construction of the screen is yet another important thing to look at in the projector or might as well just choose to go for wall projection.

Projector Screen :

The projector screens are made of fabric that is called curtain backing or another name of black-out cloth. It is design and manufactured light and of opaque white material that completely blocks out the light that then projects image and videos on the screen.

The cloth is made from a combination of cotton and polyester. One side of the screen looks like woven cotton while the other side looks like it’s plastic coated.

Projection :

The projector screen is an important feature to look into as it is that screen that projects the content for viewing. This then involves eye care and health along with the required and healthy distance. Sometimes, the screen can be substituted for the walls as well.

The projector works great on the walls that are grey, black, and white. But does a projector screen make a big difference? Walls can cast projection but won’t produce the same results as that on the screen of the projector.

Screen Gain :

The main distinguishing feature in the screen of the projector that makes a big difference is called gain. It is the ratio of how much the screen can cast a reflection of the light as compared to the whiteboard projection. The gain of 1.0 can be experienced by using a standard white wall while greater gain can be produced while using the screen.

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