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Use Of White Walls :

While setting up a projector, the first instinct directs our thought towards the need for a white wall as all the projector screens are supposed to be white. But the question stands that does the projector work on black walls as well? well, this requires few considerations about the basic projector mechanism and its working with black walls.

Working Of Projector :

First of all, it is important to understand the working of the projector as by knowing its mechanism, only then can one come to know about its combability for black walls.

The project works by casting light on the viewing surface that then reflects off to the surface of your eyes. The viewed colors are the result of red, blue, green, various combinations of light produced by projectors.

Use Of Black Walls :

In the case of a black surface, it doesn’t bear any light. So, it’s just an area of no illumination on the screen. The use of a black wall with a projector helps in improving the black level more than we got the results from the grey surface or wall. The black absorbs more of the ambient light and hence displays darker blacks.

Projections With Black Surface :

This enhanced blackness projection then amplifies the contrast level between other colors and black areas. This concludes that more the ambient light you have, the darker surface for projection you will be needing.

The projector with projection on grey and black walls results in darker shades and enhanced contrast level provided that the viewing area consists of ambient light. This then needs higher light output and increased reflectivity of the wall to maintain the brightness of the projected content.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, the projector works well on black walls as well in the presence of ambient light, higher light output, and increased reflection through the surface.


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