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In daily life hustle and bustle, the increasing noise pollution and routine noisy distraction can affect our productivity level and hence reduces our performance overall. The headphones came to the rescue for such purposes as they help in providing a calm and noise-free environment irrespective of the pace of sound present around us.

This elevates our focus during office work and also allows us to pick up a clear voice for easy conversations. The best headphone for video conferencing helps for daily noise-free use with the production of crystal-clear voice and sound.

Top Pick:

Cyber Acoustics Stereo Headset is ranked as one of the best headphones for video conferencing, picking up calls, gaming, enjoying music, and much more. These headsets allow long and durable use in a day to their quality backup battery performance.

The headset is designed in such a way that it provides its easy cleaning along with its comfortable use so that you can use it for all-day without experiencing any kind of fatigue.

List Of Best Headphones For Video Conferencing

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick


High-quality and light-weight design
Durable for long term use
Easy to clean and adjust
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Easy plug-and-play
Noise-canceling feature
Provides durable and international warranty
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Patent-pending Pro G drivers
15 meters wireless audio connection
Durable and lightweight design
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High-quality performance
Easy adjustment
Ergonomic design
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Suitable for office use
Eliminates high-pitch interruptions
Improves productivity
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Pro headset with clear chat
Effective and noise-canceling
Connects two devices at one time
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Provides quality audio transmission
Helps with easy portability
Great in noise-canceling
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Dual mic installation
Builds strong wireless connection
Results in clear-crystal calls
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World-class noise-canceling technology
Design to ensure all-day comfort
Multi-functionality with easy control
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Effective noise-reduction
Comfortable and ergonomic design
Provides clear and high-quality audio transmission
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ٓ1.) Cyber Acoustics Stereo Headset :

Cyber Acoustics Stereo HeadsetCyber Acoustics Stereo Headset consists of a slick, comfortable, and awesome quality design for analog technology that helps in great adventures for Voice Over IP and gaming. The dynamic 30 mm drivers of the headset are powerful enough to provide a clear quality audio experience.

The adjustable head design is compatible with variable sizes and its flexible, noise-canceling boom mic provides 180-degree rotation to get the job done effectively. With optimal comfort level of soft leatherette ear pads helps in an easy and comfortable listening experience. The headset is one of the best headphones for video conferencing as well.


Cyber Acoustics Stereo Headset is an amazing and outstanding choice when it comes to listening as well as speaking purposes. The headset is designed to fulfill the compatibility of computer and tablet connections. The 3.5 mm connection plug helps in easy connection with Chromebooks, tablets, and other desktop computers.

The Y-adapter enables backward compatibility with all other hardware as well resulting in a truly universal solution. It comes with a unidirectional noise-canceling microphone for easy and uninterrupted speaking.

The leatherette earpads are designed in a way so that they would be easily clean. The durable design with durable cable quality helps in prolonging the use of the stereo headset. The high-performance audio drivers help in providing crystal-clear results and hearing.

The ergonomic design includes an adjustable headband and boom arm as well. Other than personal use of the headset, it is completely durable to use in business meetings, enterprise, and academic purposes.


  • Great and high-performance audio drivers
  • Noise cancelling-microphones
  • Include the PC Y-adapter cable
What We Like
  • Comfortable and easy to clean
  • Consists of a flexible and rotating microphone
  • The audio drivers deliver an amazing performance.
What We Don't Like
  • The driver may be at risk of getting damaged early


Cyber Acoustics Stereo Headset produces crystal-clear audio with a comfortable device that allows it use for hours in gaming sessions and for video conferencing.

2.) Sennheiser PC 8 USB :

Sennheiser PC 8 USBSennheiser PC 8 USB helps in bringing people and technology close to each other by affordable premium headsets. The plug-and-play design is easy to use with start its functionality over the internet. The durable and lightweight design is ideal for easy home and office use.

The headset provides you an exotic experience with clear-quality internet chats, enjoying music, and casual gaming. The soundcard helps with handy in-line volume and control directly with no need to fiddles in the computer settings.

The headset delivers quality stereo sound with a noise-canceling microphone and prolongs use. The Sennheiser consists of exceptional value due to the combination of performance and durability.


Sennheiser PC 8 USB is an easy solution with the feature of plug-and-play with a convenient connection to PC and MAC port and start playing or phoning over the net. The quality of the headset is a perfect match for the range of applications including music, gaming, and video conferencing.

The light and comfortable design of the headset makes it easy to forget its wear on your head and contributes to its long-term use.

The noise-canceling feature helps in providing clarity to the voice for easy understanding that won’t let you miss any shout. The international warranty helps in providing its durable use with utter peace of mind. The easy regulation of voice and mute option provides comfortable and controlled use of the headset.

The handy control helps in easy adjustability from the device only without fiddling in the computer after frequent pauses. It is a durable and perfect solution for business, gaming, and other headset requirements.


  • Quick adjustments without computer fiddling
  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Easy plug and play
What We Like
  • Decent noise-cancelation
  • Seamless working on zoom
  • Multitasking feature
What We Don't Like
  • Doesn’t adjust the audio volume from the computer
  • The headband makes the uncomfortable grip


Sennheiser PC 8 USB features easy plug-and-play with user-friendly design and multitasking. The device works decently in noise-cancelation.

3.) Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset :

Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming HeadsetLogitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset is a next-generation wireless audio device. It features Pro-G audio drivers and DTS Headphone for recreating positional audio effects and in-game environmental features.

The 15-meter wireless range provides a strong connection for lossless digital audio transmission. The straight-up 15 hours battery life helps in prolong and endless uninterrupted gaming sessions.

The advanced-level and latest manufacturing of the device are backed up with 2 years of international warranty. The durable and lightweight design adjusts according to the users’ heads. The Logitech Gaming Software provides an amazing audio experience with fine-tune equalizer setting and much more.


Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset for Windows 7 delivers advance and quality audio performance that are usually expected from high-end and expensive audiophile headphones.

The X 7.1 Surround Sound accurately helps in recreating the quality and same natural game environmental effects along with positional audio that is highly expected from headphones for uninterrupted fun and adventure. The headset is capable of providing pro-grade and wireless audio with the advanced digital audio transmission that results in high-fidelity and strengthens connection for up to 15 meters range.

This lightweight yet durable design of the headset is resulted from the best of quality and latest materials along with advanced manufacturing techniques. The rechargeable and replaceable battery work for straight 15 hours providing extended power that one can rely on for the endless and non-stop gaming sessions.

It is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 7, and Mac OS X 10.11. The international warranty stands for 2 years proving its durability and comfortable use.


  • High-quality performance
  • Wireless audio experience
  • Compatible with many devices
What We Like
  • Control calls without destruction
  • Good for big ears
  • Comfortable headband
What We Don't Like
  • Limited range of headphone sensitivity


Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset provides excellent performance with wireless experience and providing a universal connection for its easy use.

4.) Mpow USB Headset :

Mpow USB HeadsetThe noisy workplace environments in now a day with frequent interruptions make it difficult to focus on work for a long time. Mpow USB Headset is equipped with advanced level soundcards that help in delivering high-end noise cancellation while limiting the background noise by tuning out the distractions and focusing on conversation in-line.

The compatibility of the headset with all types of PCs and cell phones helps in its universal use. The double-sided design with soft memory earmuffs allows all-day use of the headset without any discomfort. The device is specifically designed for video conferencing ranking it as one of the best headphones for video conferencing.


Mpow USB Headset provides an adjustable unidirectional microphone to pick up precise voice for experiencing clearer and more natural voice perfect for Skype chats, call centers, conference calls, webinars, and much more.

The multi-functional in-line control with 2 in 1 control design expands its use with a 3.5mm jack audio cable or a USB cable for a cell phone or PC. The built-in premium sound card provides the best quality in reducing noise with optimized sound quality.

The ergonomic design of the headset comes with soft protein memory foam for comfortable and long use. A sturdy padded headband helps in an incredibly comfortable wearing experience and an adjustable vertical slider promotes personalized fit.

The 90-degree rotatable ear cups help with the perfect space-saving storage option. Mpow USB headset provides compatibility with Windows 2000/7/8/10/XP/Vista, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, and Tablet PC. A headset is a perfect option for businesses, conferences, and students as well.


  • Results in crystal-clear sound
  • Multifunctional In-line Control
  • User-friendly design
What We Like
  • Includes handy mute and volume keys
  • Long cord for easy mobility
  • Soft cushion design for comfortable wearing
What We Don't Like
  • Can heat ears due to vacuum
  • A bit too tight for long hours of usage


Mpow USB Headset results in crystal-clear audio with noise-reduction feature and high-end to end the clear conversation to maintain focus.

5.) Jabra Evolve 40 UC Professional Wired Headset :

Jabra Evolve 40 UC Professional Wired HeadsetThe Jabra Evolve 40 Professional Headset offers greater productivity with quality sound transmission and helps with noise-cancellation most of the time. The special busy light automatically turns red to inform others that the user is in the call and hence not to disturb the person.

The design of the headset helps in comfortable all-day use with promising comfort so that you can enjoy and find inspiration in between calls and music. The quick transformation of the use of the headset to attend the call during gaming session provides its easy use with convenient connectivity as well. The comfortable cord length of the headset provides easy mobility around.


Jabra Evolve 40 UC Professional Wired Headset is built to provide greater productivity with amazing sound quality to be enjoyed in call and music. The headset leads you to a noise-free zone without any presence of interruptions due to busy light that glows while someone is on the call to let others know not to disturb.

The manual automation of the light helps in its easy use. The 3.5 mm jack helps in easy connection with personal devices such as smartphone or tablet that then provides you an easy approach to music wherever required.

The USB connector expands the flexibility for further connections. The leather-feel cushions with an on-the-ear design provide all-day comfort with an easy and comfortable design. The headset helps in eliminating high-frequency noises to help you stay connected and focused.

The compatibility of the headset lies with all the leading UC platforms along with certified use for business and more. The expanded use of the headset with all the most popular online call services increases its demand all among all types of customers.


  • Universal compatibility
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Enhance productivity due to noise-canceling feature
What We Like
  • Easy and quick set up
  • Quality performance
  • Flexibility with compatibility
What We Don't Like
  • Some claim it for the bad quality


Jabra Evolve 40 Professional Headset provides greater productivity along with efficient performance that helps in the production of clear voice and quick setup as well.

6.) Willful M91 Bluetooth Headset :

Willful M91 Bluetooth HeadsetWillful M91 Bluetooth Headset is an amazing device providing leading and effective features that help in providing quality gaming sessions, long and uninterrupted phone calls, listening to music, and much more. The lossless wireless connection provides easy and stable performance including the connection of 2 devices at a single time.

The user-friendly and lightweight design helps in the long use of the headset without causing any fatigue. The long battery life of 17 hours helps in all-day use without getting worried about re-charging the headset from time to time. It is one of the best headphones for video conferencing that allows you clear-clear audio transmission.


Willful M91 Bluetooth Headset includes a boom microphone that enables the newest noise-canceling technology that helps in easy picking up of the voice and blocking the unnecessary noise from the surround. The ensured crystal-clear conversations help in increasing its performance and efficiency.

The mute button presents on the microphone with a single press operation to stop all the non-wanted interruptions while making phone calls.

The soft and skin-friendly earpad helps in prolonging the use of the headset for hours to experience uninterrupted gaming sessions. the flexible headband ensures great focus on talk due to a comfortable wearing experience.

The headset is designed to pair up with any Bluetooth device including the connection of 2 devices at a single time. The headset supports quality hearing of music and provides easy voice control. The battery with a backup lifespan of 17 long hours helps in continuous talking time and 2000 standby hours’ time can be promised with only 2 hours of charging period.


  • Long-lasting Battery
  • Easy and universal compatibility
  • Wireless connection along with a mute button
  • Lightweight design
What We Like
  • Included batteries
  • Only took 2 hours to charge
  • Produce clear voice in a noisy environment
What We Don't Like
  • Different cables usage might damage the product


Willful M91 Bluetooth Headset consists of long battery life and enables you all-day wireless use with an efficient mobility option.

7.) Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset :

Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 HeadsetMicrosoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset helps in escalating your audio experience to another level and dimension. The headset is designed and optimized for Windows Live Messenger as it provides simplicity of USB installation with high-quality manufacturing and comfortable wearing.

The digital sound is of high-quality that won’t match the quality of the analog. The headset helps in endless internet voice calls, clear voice quality, movies, music, and a fully immersive experience in games.

Its rotatable boom microphone provides easy adjustments with quick settings through the headset itself. Its universal compatibility makes its use easy and without any kind of specification.


Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset shows its incredible compatibility with Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7. The headset promises clarity of the audio, a comfortable design provides utmost ease of using the headset, and the convenience of setting it up helps in easy plug-and-play.

The digital USB installation results in superior clarity with a unidirectional microphone that has an acoustic noise-cancellation feature for uninterrupted use of the headset. The user-friendly design includes leatherette ear pads for improved comfort with in-line volume control without fiddling in the settings of the computer.

The 180-degree rotatable movement of the boom microphone helps in increasing the flexibility of use. The extended use of the headset is enabled with a 6-foot cable with easy movement as well. The headset includes everything that a customer seeks in a headphone. The device provides easy compatibility and hence connects with great ease.


  • User-friendly design
  • Rotatable boom microphone
  • Includes noise-canceling feature
What We Like
  • Highly reliable product
  • Produce crystal-clear sound
  • Promises high durability
What We Don't Like
  • Available in only red color


Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset has a user-friendly design and powerful battery backup that allows its efficient use throughout the day.

8.) Soulsens Wireless Headset with Microphone :

Soulsens Wireless Headset with MicrophoneFor experiencing crystal-clear and noise-cancellation features with precise mic picking and conversation design, Soulsens Wireless Headset provides you optimal quality working along with 22 hours long battery life on a single charge.

Its latest connection technology brings the fastest connectivity option with stable quality on 49 ft. distance as well. the headset is designed to provide extreme comfort to the user and backs up its long battery life as well. it is undoubtedly, ranks as one of the best headphones for video conferencing as well as for picking up and answering calls even in a noisy environment.


Soulsens Wireless Headset with Microphone helps in providing an improved call experience with enhanced clarity and upgraded dual microphones with the technology of CVC 8.0 noise-canceling.

One of the mics provides the facility to pick up the calls and eliminates the noise while the other mic helps in picking up your voice to allows clear conversations and hence prove it to be an ideal partner for working from home as it cancels out most of the noise and during conference calls.

The headset is designed in such a way that it contributes to your comfort level allowing you to wear it for long gaming or working sessions.

The user-friendly design includes a stylish, lightweight, padded, and easily adjustable headband to wear all day, leatherette ear pads, and 90-degree rotatable ear cups with 6 different adjustment levels allowing easy flexibility and strength to the device and providing comfortable prolong use. The 22 hours long talking time with wired and wireless option provides its effective and productive use all day long.


  • Stable wired and wireless connectivity
  • The long battery life of 22 hours
  • Provides extreme comfort
What We Like
  • Provides long and effective use
  • Great at noise-canceling
  • Helps in increasing comfort
What We Don't Like
  • Might be expensive
  • Tricky to set up


Soulsens Wireless Headset with Microphone provides you improved quality performance with long battery life and great user-friendly design.

9.) EKSA USB Headset with Microphone :

EKSA USB Headset with MicrophoneEKSA telecom strives for providing and focusing on clear communication systems through its products and hence induced them with ENC technology that helps in filtering out any kind of noisy surrounds while keeping human voice clear and uninterrupted.

EKSA USB headset with microphone is a noise-reducing headset that provides a perfect use at Customer calls centers, warehouses, online courses, music, manufacturing plants, online team meeting, gaming sessions, customer care centers, help desks, dragon speaks, e-learning and much more.

Its comfortable design helps in providing the best of adjustability for ensuring its all-day use.


EKSA USB Headset with Microphone consists of a 120-degree adjustable high sensitivity Uni-directional microphone that is designed with a world-class noise-canceling system and technology that clears any presence of noisy distractions that might make the calls difficult to understand. Now you can pick up calls and listen to them clearly while answering them with an uninterrupted voice.

The headsets provide an easy option for listening to music and calls while staying at utmost focus on both without getting disruptive. Its compatibility ranges from PC for Win 7, Win 8, Win10 to laptops and other devices with the audio port of USB.

The soft memory protein earmuffs provide a gentle covering to your ears and enhance your long-time gaming experience without causing any kind of fatigue. The retractable headband and breathable ear pad help you to enjoy optimal comfort and the adventure of having fun. The durability of the headset is backed up with 2 years of international warranty.


  • Compromise of advanced ENC technology
  • Universal compatibility
  • Convenient control with multifunctionality
What We Like
  • Comfortable to use
  • Immersive sound experience
  • Budget-friendly
What We Don't Like
  • Only compatible with Windows


EKSA USB Headset with Microphone provides universal connectivity along with ENC technology for noise-cancelation and offers multifunctionality as well.

10.) MLink Dream USB Headset with Microphone :

MLink Dream USB Headset with MicrophoneLink Dream USB Headset is designed to fulfill your dreams of having an uninterrupted and noise-reduction experience. The headset provides universal connectivity to allow its easy setup and connection to any device. Its retractable jack cable expands its connectivity options for other devices as well.

The quick mute buttons on the microphone and speakers directly controlled them separately without operating them through the computer. The headset helps in easy working with effective performance in call centers, customer care centers, online team meetings, video conferencing, and much more.


Link Dream USB Headset with Microphone is designed with a built-in noise-reduction card that helps in effectively reducing off the noise and results in clear sound production.

The 3.5 mm jack cable provides a detachable option from the control panel and helps in expanding connection options with phones and tablets as well. The USB panel provides easy compatibility with PC and Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, XP, Vista, Mac OS X, iOS, etc.

The single-click keys on the microphone mute it off while another click on the speaker mutes the speaker’s voice. The protein leather earpad with easy adjustability, adjustable headband for various head sizes, multi-angle ear cup for gentle pressure on ears, and free-angle microphone enhance the headset’s design and comfortability.

The durability and reliability of the headset are backed up by 3 years of warranty along with customer care.


  • Quick mute buttons
  • Durable quality and design
  • Easy to adjust
What We Like
  • Sturdy and round design
  • Clear English instructions
  • Multiple accessories
What We Don't Like
  • Ear clips are small


Link Dream USB Headset is equipped with easy quick buttons and a durable design to all a comfortable use of it all day long.

Buying Guide Best Headphones For Video Conferencing

Types Of Headset:

  • Wireless Over The Ear HeadsetThe attest type of headsets come with an easy design that is mostly used by people during meetings and conferences. This top-notch headphone consists of the latest version of Bluetooth as well that is built compatible with all the devices for easy connections. The built-in ANC noise cancelation feature is a must look into. The voice-control systems enable hand-free operation as well.
  • Wired Headphones: Wired headphones are those which provide easy connectivity with tablets, laptops, and cell phones. These headsets come with a 3.5 mm jack cable or the presence of a USB wire that provides you an amazing experience with surround sound production. Most of the meetings that are done through laptop desk include the need for wired headphones.
  • Mono Headphone Hith Bluetooth Technology: This type of headphone is specially built for people that deal with phone calls and communicate all the time for online meetings. The headset’s sleek and stylish design is easy to place anywhere in compact storage or even in the laptop’s side zip pocket. They offer excellent audio quality.


The range, variety, and styles of the headphones may be confusing but it is important to narrow down your need to pick the best suitable option. The headsets range from large earmuffs with adjustable bands to small or medium-sized ear muffs.

For conference calls or online meetings, the headsets that come with ear pads are preferable as these provide the best use for long hours and don’t produce any kind of irritation.


Long-term meetings, calls, or gaming sessions require headphones that are lightweight and easily adjustable. Bulky headphones bear the improved quality that helps in providing crisp sound but won’t be suitable for the long-run. The heavier headset will affect your oral health as well.

Noise Cancellation Feature:

It is one of the most important features to look for before making a purchase. This helps the headset in fulfilling its primary purpose of providing noise-free and uninterrupted calls or audio transmission. This headset helps you to avoid distractions and helps you in staying focus.

Type Of Connectivity:

This is based on the user’s convenience. Whether comfortable with wired connection during an online meeting or traveling whether looking for a wireless option. It is advisable to check for your feasibility and pick up the best option that matches your needs.


The design of the headsets ranges differently with different brands. It is preferable to look for the design that suits your head and ear structure and will be easily adjustable not to cause any kind of fatigue or back pain after a long day’s use.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

What Are The Best Wireless Headphones For Conference Calls?

The best wireless headphones for conference calls are Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset, Willful M91 Bluetooth Headset, and Soulsens Wireless Headset with Microphone with the effective noise-cancellation feature.

Can You Use Headphones On A-Zoom Call?

Headphones can be used for zoom calls as well if the application is installed on such a device that can easily connect with the headphones through the USB port.

Do I Need Headphones For A Zoom Meeting?

Headphones primarily reduce the surrounding noise for clear audio transmission. So, if you are in a noisy environment, you may need to cancel out distractions in zoom meetings.

Which Headphones Are Best For Office Calls?

Cyber Acoustics Stereo Headset, Mpow USB Headset, and EKSA USB Headset with Microphone are some of the best examples of headphones for office calls.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Headset?

For buying a headset, it is necessary to look for its compatibility, connectivity options, its battery life, and its noise-canceling feature.

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