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With the age of technological advancement, the use of monitors tremendously increases throughout every aspect of life. The use of books lessens as the display screens took over every function. People tend to read books in pdf form as well as various documents. The best monitors for reading documents holds multiple features and qualities that are explained below.

Things to consider before buying!

Screen Size: The monitor’s screen size can be small or big. There can be monitors that have a display screen of 7 inches, while there are big monitors that rank up to 30 inches as well. This totally depends upon your budget and the requirement. 

Resolution: Despite having a large or a smaller screen, the resolution must be capable enough of producing a sharp quality image that is readable with all the enhanced details.

To check the resolution, there exist HD resolution with pixels 1920 x 1080 or 4K UHD resolution that offers 4 times higher clarity than HD resolution due to a high number of pixels for 3840 x 2160.

Aspect ratio: The aspect ratio is measured as the length compared to the height of the image. Commonly acceptable and the best bet is 16:9. But you can look for 21:9 as well that are suited for hardcore gaming. Another common format of 16:10 provides vertical space that helps in viewing multiple images and documents.

List Of Best Monitors For Reading Documents

1. BenQ 27 Inch IPS Monitor
  • Full HD resolution
  • Built-in speakers
  • The large screen display of 27 inches
2. Philips 276E9QDSB 27″ monitor
  • Narrow border design
  • flicker-free screen for eye well-being
  • VESA compatible
3. AOC 27B2H 27″ Full HD IPS Monitor
  • VESA mountable
  • Coverage of 103% sRGB and 101% Adobe
  • Frameless ultra-thin design 
4. Dell 27” Monitor SE2719H
  • Ultra-slim bezel design
  • Produce vibrant and vivid colors display
5. Sceptre E248W-19203R 24″ LED Monitor
  • Long lamp life
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Holds a great degree of clarity 
6. SAMSUNG C27F398 27 Inch Curved LED Monitor
  • AMD FreeSync technology
  • Eye saver mode
  • Provides immersive viewing experience
7. ASUS Designo MX25AQ 25” Monitor
  • Ultra-slim design
  • Minimal response rate
  • Quality Icicle Gold finish
8. Dell UltraSharp U2720Q 27 Inch Monitor
  • Height adjustable
  • Slim-profile design
  • Wide viewing angles
9. SAMSUNG Business S22R350FHN 22″ Monitor
    • Perfect for dual-monitor setups 
    • Easy connectivity with VGA and HDMI
  • A simple and easy to use design
10. Acer SB220Q bi 21.5 Inches Full HD Monitor
  • Zero-frame design
  • Extensive color support


Top Pick:

BenQ 27 Inch IPS Monitor is rated as the top-best monitor that holds quality features that make it an optimal choice for daily use. It provides the best Full HD resolution and IPS panel display that results in wide viewing angles and vibrant color projection. Its ultra-slim design enables multi-monitor setup across more screens.

1.) BenQ 27 Inch IPS Monitor (Bestselling):

BenQ 27 Inch IPS MonitorBenQ 27 inches frameless monitor is equipped with IPS panel screening along with its slim and sleek bezel designz and quality hid cable management. Its complemented BenQ exclusive eye-care technology helps in assuring its safe use as with its low Blue light technology as well as the flicker-free feature, the monitor produces extended viewing comfort.

Its excellent brightness Intelligence technology results in the delivery of exquisite details irrespective of the ambient lighting environment. its sensor patented brightness Intelligence technology detects the surrounding lightning and adjusts the brightness accordingly for creating a comfortable viewing environment. The monitor is one of the best monitors for reading documents as well as creating them.


BenQ 27 Inch IPS Monitor displays at the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels on IPS screen that results in the production of vibrant and vivid colors. The brightness level is measured at 250 nits that support enough brightness for exploring the precise detailing of the content.

The enhanced audio quality is backed up with built-in speakers that integrate and infused with the ultimate precision. The wide viewing angle ranges up to 178 angles resulting in a wide range of clarity from every angle. 

The monitor has an ultra-slim edge-to-edge bezel frame that appears to be virtually frameless and multi-panel which results in a widely extended view. The Intelligence Adaptive technology adjusts the brightness of the screen for patented eye-care while supporting ow blue light feature, as well as ZeroFlicker technology, which reduces the chances of eye strain or fatigue.

The cable management system is integrated enough to hide out all the extra cables and providing a clear view overall. The monitor supports VESA wall mounting saving up space for the desktop. 


  • Patented Eye-Care
  • Ultra-thin design
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Produce accurate colors and brightness
  • Extensive and control image settings
  • Wide color gamut support
  • Doesn’t support HDMI 2.0 port
  • Lacks support of ECO mode


BenQ 27 Inch IPS Monitor provides great eye care due to FlickerFree technology and accurate brightness levels making the display clear and vibrant.

2.) Philips 276E9QDSB 27″ Monitor (Large color gamut):

Philips 276E9QDSB 27″ monitorWith the production of stunning colors, vibrant picture quality in an elegant and stylish design, Philips 276E9QDSB 27″ frameless monitor is a full HD screen that produces superb quality images. Its IPS panel results in ultra-wide viewing angles with a color accuracy of 129% sRGB gamut.

This results in natural and real-life-like green shades, deeper blues, and vibrant reds. The narrow border design creates a seamless appearance for its capability with a multi-monitor setup. For eye well-being, the monitor supports LowBlue and FlickerFree technology that reduces the blue light emission that can damage eyes, and can cause eye fatigue and strain.


Philips 276E9QDSB 27″ frameless monitor is designed with a state-of-the-art structure with a full HD screen of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The IPS panel screen allows you wide-angled views and a display of full colors. The wide-color technology supports coverage of the color gamut of 124% sRGB & 93% NTSC that extends the color options and display possibilities.

With AMD FreeSync technology, the monitor results in an exceptional gaming performance that is artifact-free with the support of a refresh rate of up to 75Hz. 

To prevent eye straining or headache from the harmful rays of the screen, the LowBlue mode effectively reduces the shortwaves of harmful blue light. The feature of FlickerFree technology balances the requirement of brightness level.

The monitor supports connectivity with HDMI, DVI-D, VGA, and audio out. Its 3-sided bezel-less design due to ultra-narrow borders results in minimal distractions while watching allowing you to have a multi-monitor setup across more options. The monitor’s VESA compatibility helps in saving desktop space.


  • 3-sided bezel-less design
  • Consist of IPS panel
  • Acquires AMD FreeSync technology 
  • Affordable price range
  • Sleek and lightweight design
  • Consume less rate of power
  • The screen requires tilting to adjust
  • No presence of built-in speakers
  • No supported USB ports


Philips 276E9QDSB 27″ frameless equips ultra-slim design with effective power consumption and supports IPS panel display for vibrant colors and wide viewing angles.

3.) AOC 27B2H 27″ Full HD IPS Monitor (Bezel-less design):

AOC 27B2H 27″ Full HD IPS MonitorThe AOC 27B2H 27” monitor comes with a durable stand painted in a black finish. The 3-sided frameless design provides an easy multi-monitor setup along with IPS panel support that creates vibrant color production on a large and sleek screen creating almost real-life-like quality imagery.

It is proven to be one of the best monitors for reading documents, daily use at home or office. The wide color gamut and high color accuracy make the content clear and vibrant to look at. With Flicker-free technology, the screen tearing and shattering reduces to a great extent making the display more stable and clearer.


AOC 27B2H 27″ Full HD IPS Monitor holds a full HD screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The LED-lit screen provides necessary illumination to the details brightening them up for utmost clarity.

Its streamlined and 3-sided frameless design gives it an overall ultra-slim profile that results in a clear and bigger display of the screen. The IPS panel widens the viewing angles with amazing vivid colors that support the color gamut coverage for 100% in sRGB. 

The monitor holds most outputs that can be possibly supported by a monitor screen including an HDMI port with cable support, VGA port inputs for computer connection, and a built-in 3.5mm audio-out port for easy compatibility with speakers and headphones.

For eye well-being, the monitor screen supports FlickerFree technology and AOC low blue mode that reduces the tearing of pixels or the emission of harmful blue light radiations. This extends your gaming and computing sessions without causing any retinal damage. The mounting options for VESA compatibility help in the easy placement of the screen wherever you want.


  • A vibrant and vivid visual experience 
  • Graphical OSD menu 
  • Wide-viewing angles 
  • Ultra-slim and sleek design
  • IPS panel results in vivid colors and wide-angles
  • Doesn’t support AMD FreeSync
  • Supports tilt-only stand
  • The low density of pixels


AOC 27B2H 27″ Full HD IPS Monitor produces vivid, clear, and crisp displays with HD resolution and low response time.

4.) Dell 27” Monitor SE2719H (Safe usage):

Dell 27” Monitor SE2719HDell 27” Monitor SE2719H is an LED-backlit LCD screen that supports the aspect ratio of 16:9 with wide viewing angles due to the IPS panel. The contrast ratio of 1000:1 with a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 generates vibrant color production and high picture quality with various response times as per the activated modes.

Keep your eyes protected with low blue light technology that extends your computing session for long hours. The monitor provides a great selection of ports and ultra-slim design for easy multi-monitor setup.


Dell 27” Monitor SE2719H consists of a backlit LED screen that provides an aspect ratio of 16:9 along with a contrast ratio of 1000:1 resulting in the display of vibrant and vivid color. The color support for 16.7 million colors makes it exemplary to view with various color contrast and excellent brightness.

The IPS panel provides wide-viewing angles that provide easy and clear visibility from all the corners of the room. The color gamut supports 98 percent of sRGB shades saturation. 

The HD resolution with 1920 x 1080 provides clarity and a detailed display. The calculated response time at grey-to-grey normal is 8ms while at grey-to-grey fast, it is measured for 5ms. Its input connectors include HDMI and VGA ports for connecting computers and HDMI-supported devices.

The low blue light emission makes it safe for long computing sessions. The monitor has an ultra-slim bezel design that enables its multi-monitor setup. 


  • Wide aspect ratio
  • Two different response times
  • LED-backlit screen
  • Affordable price range
  • Beautiful colors production
  • Near to bezel-free design
  • Easy installation
  • Great port selection
  • Average color accuracy
  • Low resolution for the size


Dell 27” Monitor SE2719H is responsible for producing incredible color displays at wide viewing angles supporting great port selection.

5.) Sceptre E248W-19203R 24″ LED Monitor (Slim design):

Sceptre E248W-19203R 24″ LED MonitorThe Sceptre E248W-19203R monitor holds a 1080P resolution that delivers accurate color display with quality and precise picture detail on the large screen of 22 inches. The response time of 5ms creates the highest level of clarity even for action sequences.

The input supports of HDMI and VGA make the compatibility of various gaming and video devices easy. The long lamp life with a high range of brightness levels makes the monitor a durable choice. With wide viewing angles and contrast ratio, you can have an immersive viewing experience. Its VESA mounting capability helps in saving up desktop space.


Sceptre E248W-19203R 24″ LED Monitor is designed with an ultra-slim profile and a sleek metallic finish that adds to its grace and elegance. The slim bezel design makes the display bigger and uninterrupted while setting for multi-monitor arrangement.

The full HD resolution with 1920 x 1080 p compliance it at a refresh rate of 75 Hz and with the resolution of 1080 pixels works at a refresh rate of 60, makes the imagery vivid, clear, and detailed. The contrast ratio of 1000:1 and wide viewing angles due to the IPS panel enables all-directional viewing of the monitor display without getting a compromised view. 

The color support for 16.7 million options fills in the image display with precision and accuracy. The brightness level of 250 cd/m2 and a long lamp life of 50000 and more hours makes it a durable option and a wiser investment.

The monitor is VESA compatible with mount ready making it easy to place around the room. The built-in dual speakers create excellent audio production and performance eliminating the need for installing external speakers.


  • Slim and sleek profile
  • VESA ready
  • Great picture quality 
  • Beautiful design and frame
  • Solid performance and great value
  • 178 degrees wide viewing angles
  • Hight cannot be adjusted
  • Hard to reach ports and controls
  • Doesn’t support advanced color setting


Sceptre E248W-19203R 24″ LED Monitor provides great value with its ultra-sleek profile and VESA compatibility for easy installation.

6.) SAMSUNG C27F398 27 Inch Curved LED Monitor (Clear Display):

	SAMSUNG C27F398 27 Inch Curved LED MonitorSAMSUNG C27F398 27” monitor with Curved LED screen comprises of contrast ratio 3000:1 that balance the depths of the color accordingly. The black glossy finish and a simple stand provide an overall elegant look to the monitor complementing the placing area.

The AMD FreeSync technology produces smooth imagery and Game Mode technology features a response time of 4ms that smooth out the fastest moving scenes. The ultra-slim profile provides an easy multi-setup of monitors.

The Eye Saver mode reduces the harmful blue light emission extending the comfort level. Samsung’s Active Crystal Color technology produces vivid and bright colors with outstanding deeper blacks and brighter whites.


SAMSUNG C27F398 27 Inch Curved LED Monitor equips 1800R curvature screen that results in an exceptional and immersive viewing experience. The characteristics attach to the monitor include easy installation and setup, inside-out tracking without the need of purchasing additional equipment.

The clarity of the fast-moving scenes is achieved due to the response rate of 4ms. The supported color gamut includes 72 percent of NTSC with a minimum brightness level of 200 cd/m2. The monitor provides compatibility with the operating system of Windows. 

The output ports support 3.5-millimeter audio or headphone with convenient compatibility. The refresh rate of 60 Hz is experienced at an HD resolution of 1080 pixels. The sleek and slim profile is measured at less than 0.5 inches in thickness and generates a classic statement.

The small and simple circular stand adds an elegant and modern look to the 27 inches screen. Its AMD FreeSync technology results in the production of smoother images due to optimal synchronization of refresh rate and the frame rate and hence minimizes the shattering and tearing of the pixels.


  • Fast response rate
  • Great color gamut support
  • Curvature screen 
  • Holds great value for a curved screen
  • Suitable for Xbox and consoles
  • Displays uniform colors and dark tones
  • Doesn’t support HDR technology


SAMSUNG C27F398 27” monitor consists of a curved screen with a quality display of colors without compromising on the details and clarity.

7.) ASUS Designo MX25AQ 25” Monitor (Best Audio Performance):

ASUS Designo MX25AQ 25” MonitorASUS Designo MX27UC is a 25 inches monitor that is an optimal solution for space-saving due to its incredibly ultra-thin profile that measures only 1.25 cm that is one of the thinnest measures. The edge-to-edge seamless panel with the ultra-thin bezel measure of 0.1 cm enables multi-monitor setup.

The Quad HD resolution creates the finest and clear picture quality. The excellent and precise metal craftsmanship with incredible attention to detail ranks the monitor for award-winning design standards. Its classic and simplistic lines and a sturdy base stand with a Gold finish add to the class and elegance of the monitor.


ASUS Designo MX25AQ 25” Monitor consists of Quad HD resolution with 2560 x 1440 pixels support that is capable of creating an excellent balance of the screen size with the resolution. The security feature is supported with a Kensington lock.

The TUV certified backlighting enables flicker-free technology and low blue light that collectively minimizes eye-straining and fatigue. The sound optimization technology with SonicMaster includes 2 stereos, RMS, and 2 sets of amplifiers creating quality and premium audio.

 The maximum brightness level is measured at 350 cd/m2 and the response time of 5ms with Gray-to-Gray mode. Its AH-IPS technology makes the displays lifelike visuals with color gamut support of 100% sRGB that is perfect for professional use by high-profile designers and photographers.

The wide viewing angles of 178-degree help in easy viewing irrespective of the corners you are sitting in. The high contrast ratio of 100,000,000:1 is supported with an IPS panel and creates astonishing picture quality. The monitor supports extensive connectivity through DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4 or MHL2.0, and two HDMI1.4.


  • Ultra-high contrast ratio
  • LED-backlit display
  • Accurate and quality color production
  • Excellent and great Image quality
  • Ultra-thin bezels
  • Onboard audio output
  • Limited options for height adjustment


ASUS Designo MX25AQ 25” Monitor produces excellent image quality on its ultra-thin bezel display with quality audio production.


8.) Dell UltraSharp U2720Q 27 Inch Monitor (4K Resolution):


Dell UltraSharp U2720Q 27 Inch MonitorDell UltraSharp U2720Q is a 4K UHD 27-inch Backlit LED IPS screen that creates the finest and quality imagery with an incredible visual experience. The extensive connectivity options make it compatible with most devices. The high brightness level along with high contrast ratio and durable response time makes the performance finest.

The easy height adjustment options of the pivot, swivel, and tilt ease out the positioning of angles of the screen. The anti-glare screen with sRGB color gamut support provides an uncompromisable display. The monitor ranks as one of the best monitors for reading documents.


Dell UltraSharp U2720Q 27 Inch Monitor is designed with LED-backlit and IPS panel for creating amazing and vibrant colors quality imagery. The monitor holds a resolution of 4K UHD of 2840 x 2160 acquiring a greater number of pixels per inch for enhancing details of the displayed content.

The ultra-thin profile with edge-to-edge seamless bezel design allowing an easy multi-monitor setup. The wide-viewing angles enable you to experience vibrant and consistent visuals across the screen due to the IPS panel. 

The extensive connectivity options include DisplayPort, USB ports, HDMI, and Audio Line out for connecting microphones or speakers. The easy height adjustment options include Tilt, Swivel, and Pivot positioning of the anti-glare screen.

The monitor supports a security lock slot and backs up with Energy Star certification. The color gamut support includes 99% of sRGB along with high contrast ratio and brightness level. The easy VESA mounting compatibility helps in saving up desktop space.


  • Consistent color production
  • VESA compatible
  • Supports LED-backlit
  • Supports 4K native resolution
  • Great color gamut coverage
  • Solid port selection
  • Expensive


Dell UltraSharp U2720Q supports 4K UHD resolution with great color gamut support and LED-backlit support making it a reliable and durable option.

9.) SAMSUNG Business S22R350FHN 22″ Monitor (Offers Everyday Use):

SAMSUNG Business S22R350FHN 22″ MonitorSAMSUNG Business S22R350FHN 22″ Monitor is a budget-friendly yet quality-conscious display that offers a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. Its ultra-slim profile look that is nearly bezel-less enables it for easy multi-monitor setup.

The IPS panel produces vivid and vibrant colors display with wide 178-degree viewing angles. The monitor support HDMI and VGA connectivity that makes it a perfect everyday partner at the office and home.


SAMSUNG Business S22R350FHN 22″ Monitor consists of HD resolution with 1920 x 1080 pixels. The high refresh rate up to 75 Hz makes the images crystal-clear and crisp at wide viewing angles. The ultra-sleek and slim profile give an overall elegant look. The height adjustment options with a tilt-adjust stand along with VESA compatibility allow easy mounting of the monitor and multi-monitor set up. 

The screen display keeps your eyes protected due to FlickerFree technology and Eye Saver mode that reduces the harmful emission of blue light as well as reduces the flickering of the screen eliminating the eye strain and fatigue while providing extended work experience and computing sessions.

The connectivity options include HDMI and VGA ports. The wide viewing angles up to 178 degrees with the IPS panel display make the display vibrantly visible, and clear. The monitor holds one year of warranty.


  • FlickerFree technology
  • Crystal-clear imagery
  • Wide viewing angles
  • High-quality IPS panel
  • Wide viewing angles for great color and clarity
  • 3-sided bezel-less frame
  • Doesn’t include VESA mounting


SAMSUNG Business S22R350FHN 22″ Monitor consists of an IPS panel display that results in wide viewing angles and vibrant colors that are displayed on the ultra-thin bezel-less screen.

10.) Acer SB220Q bi 21.5 Inches Full HD Monitor (High Refresh Rate):

Acer SB220Q bi 21.5 Inches Full HD MonitorAcer SB220Q bi 21. 5″ LCD is a widescreen and stylish monitor that provides super-thin functionality and supports HD 1920 x 1080 resolution. Its incredible 10000:1 contrast ratio and rapid response rate of 4ms reflects the advanced features that support the various fast scenes games and videos as well.

The multiple input capability and Kensington lock slot save up your investment. The high refresh rate of 75 Hz with an HDMI port makes the performance of the monitor brilliant and incredible. It is one of the best monitors for reading documents.


Acer SB220Q bi 21.5 Inches Monitor holds full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels along with IPS panel widescreen. The monitor supports Radeon free sync technology that significantly reduces the tearing and shattering resulting in a smooth display. While using the HDMI port, the refresh rate is increased up to 75 Hz.

Its ultra-thin bezels with zero-frame design enable a multi-monitor setup that increases the quality and aspect ratio of the display for experiencing real-life-like imagery and visuals. 

The IPS panel enables wide viewing angles and vibrant colors for experiencing the true colors of the content. The color support is experienced up to 16.7 million with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a brightness level of 250 nits.

The horizontal-viewing angles can be extended up to 178 degrees, the vertical viewing angle of 178 degrees as well while the tilt adjustment rank from -5 degrees to 15 degrees. The connectivity ports include VGA and HDMI ports.


  • Extended viewing angles
  • Easy tilting options
  • High refresh rate
  • Ultra-Thin design
  • Minimum response time of 4ms
  • Acquires Radeon free sync technology
  • Doesn’t include HDMI Cable
  • No VESA compatibility


Acer SB220Q bi 21. 5″ LCD supports Radeon FreeSync technology that results in smooth imagery and visuals along with vibrant and vivid color production and display.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is The Best Monitor For Reading Text?

The best monitor for reading text must support clear picture quality along with crisp images and high resolution to read easily. This includes Acer SB220Q bi 21.5 Inches Monitor, ASUS Designo MX27UC, and SAMSUNG C27F398 27 Inch Curved LED Monitor. 

Which Monitor Is Best For The Eyes?

The monitor that supports eye protection features such as Eye Saver mode, flicker-free technology, or LowBlue light is best for the eyes. This includes Dell UltraSharp U2720Q and Sceptre E248W-19203R monitor.

Which Screen Is Better For Eyes LCD Or OLED?

LCD is better than OLED as it consists of a liquid crystal layer that reduces the blue light emission that doesn’t seem in OLED.

What Should I Look For In A Work Monitor?

For a work monitor, the features such as panel type must be considered as it mainly needs long viewing of text and images. The panel types of IPS and VA must be considered.

Buyer Guide Best Monitors For Reading Documents


The highest brightness level is ranged from 300 to 350 cd/m2. This kind of brightness helps in a well-lit room or a room that is next to large windows. But too much brightness can strain your eyes as well, in that case, the acceptable level can be 250 cd/m2.

Contrast ratio:

Contrast ratios determine the difference between the white and black levels of screening. High contrast ratio helps in the more controlled display as the colors can be more differentiated.


High dynamic range, or HDR, has a dramatic impact on the visuals and images. The variety of HDR includes HDR10+ and thus needed to be considered for advanced level of settings and controls.

Refresh rate:

The refresh rate is measured in hertz (Hz) and determines the time-lapse to upload the image on the screen. most of the monitors support 60Hz for producing smooth movements in the fast speed scene as well.

Another measure can be 75 Hz that makes the monitor compatible with gamers by reducing input lag. The refresh rate can be 120 Hz or 144 Hz which are the highest level and supports high-powered graphics.

Response time:

Response time indicates the speed of image transitions. The measure of the response time must be as low as possible to switch the pixels in a couple of milliseconds.

Viewing angle:

Viewing angles hold great importance in monitors as they can supports up to 178 degrees of vertical or horizontal angles to provide excellent display from every angle and direction of the room. 

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