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Are you looking for ways to make your college or university life fun and lively? Certainly, there is no limit to the ways of bringing buzz and entertainment to the student yet a significant and universal place of fun is the college dormitory or dorm room and students are in pursuit of making.

Their dorm rooms lively and happening and the ideal way of doing so is by adding a great quality projector to your dorm room.

For having the Best Projector For Dorm Room, go through our article, and have a deep review of each product.

My Top Pick:

Are you busy enough to miss reading our entire article? Don’t worry we have got your back and brought you our top pick. VANKYO LEISURE 3 mini projector is the best to pick for a dorm room with its 1080 pixels FHD support and 40,000 hours of lamp life and 3600 lumens.

It is an LCD screen with a 2000:1 contrast ratio and built-in stereo speakers providing a quality home cinematic experience in your dorm room.

Best Projector For Dorm Room

1.) AuKing Mini Projector: (Best Budget Pick)

AuKing Mini Projector

AuKing Mini Projector is the cheapest projector that might not be very good breaking for multimedia presentations and conference hall screens but it is a worthy purchase for college students usually short on budget.

When it comes to buying their supplies for the dormitory and this makes sense to have this budget-friendly gadget which will greatly cover their needs and demands.

This mini projector is not just about the cheap price tag but rather offer the maximum features that a projector is in need to have at this price tag and it moves a step ahead with its long 50, 000 lamp life and tabletop mount to make its carriage around the room easy and simplified.


This projector is coming with a Native 800 x 480 pixels resolution which is the lowest minimum coming in the market and anything less than that will be a total waste with an average TV screen leave it to have in a large screen projector.

480 pixels resolution, though not very praiseworthy about a device, yet coming with an FHD support at 1080 pixels make this device a great projector screen and it is the best one can expect from an $80 projector.

The downside of the projector lies in its lumens which make it good under dark conditions but these LUX level of 2600 is not good enough to give it a sharp image reproduction under bright daylight.

What We Like
  • Full HD support
  • 32-70 projection display
  • Built in speakers
  • 55,000 hrs. lamp life
  • Noise reduction
  • Multi device connectivity
What We Don't Like
  • 2600 lumens only


This is a great entry-level device for budget ridden users who want to have the best bang for their minimal bucks.

2.) YABER Y31 Native: (Best For Long Lamp Life)

YABER Y31 Native

YABER Y31 Native is the best one among all our listed projectors for a dorm room but the reason for not picking it as the best pick is its twice the price of VANKYO Leisure which is coming with slightly comparable feature at a very affordable price range making it a popular projector for video and audio projectors.

YEAR Y31 has all the premium high-end features which make it a mid-range or even high-end model to have in your dormitory which is typically the case with office colleagues or university fellows dorm place rather than the college dormitory of students typically low on budget.


This projector has a full HD resolution as its native resolution and this is literally the best feature of these dorm projectors as all other projectors in our selection are compatible with FHD supportive content.

But are not natively in FHD but this device is coming with a 1080 pixels resolution which is a marvelous thing and presumably the most probable reason for its high price.

Other than its FHD Display screen it has another best of all feature which is its luminous level and this projector has the best LUX value of 7200 which makes it great to view even in bright ambient light not restricting its use in dark mode or low light conditions only.

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This projector is, therefore, compatible to be converted into a home theater or main TV screen for movie nights as it has all the things in it to give the audience a thrilling cinematic experience beginning from its FHD Display to 7200 LUX luminosity via built-in stereo speakers to boost the fun.

What We Like
  • Full HD resolution
  • 7200 lumens
  • Keystone correction of +/- 50 degrees
  • LCD/LED display
  • PC, TV, PS4 and Xbox compatibility
What We Don't Like
  • Slightly pricey option


It is a great device to have certainly if you can afford it, for your dorm room with its native 1080 pixels and onboard audio source it is the best device to be used as home theater and for office work as well.

3.) Poyank Wifi Projector: (Best For Connectivity)

Poyank Wifi Projector

It is a mini projector coming from Poyank Wifi Projector and its WIFI control is making it an apple of the eye of the user in love with wireless technology or the users fed up with the conventional connectivity options.

The prank is a wireless connectivity projector that is a great addition to the traditional HDMI and VGA only projectors making it a great investment for the near future where wireless connectivity is the need of the hour providing it a remote control making the experience with it comfortable and fun to have.


This projector has a native resolution of 1280 780 pixels which is far better than 480 pixels resolution and with its 1080 pixels FHD supportive resolution it provides the best combo to have in a dorm room projector which is greatly enhanced by the addition of 4500 LUX lumens in it.

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Which makes its appearance under bright light conditions worthy of looking at. It comes at a 32-inch screen which is the average screen size for a dorm room having space constraints and this 32-inch screen will need only 1.5 meters of the wall making it a feasible and affordable option.

Another of its praiseworthy sec is its long lamp life of 50,000 hours which means that the projector will be durable and reliable for the coming 15 years if due care is given to the operation and usage of the device.

What We Like
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Full HD support
  • Native 720 pixels resolution
  • PS4 and TV Box compatible
  • 4500 lumens
What We Don't Like
  • Poor quality speakers


This is a great dorm room projector for its long lamp life and 780 pixels native resolution with FHD content support making it a worthy investment as a newbie to the dorm life.

4.) Vankyo Leisure: (Best Overall)

Vankyo Leisure

Vanko Leisure 3 portable mini projector is the best projector for dorm rooms and has the specs and features hitting right at the target for a small dormitory with its LED display screen and a wide viewing angle giving it a premium touch with its to.

The point brightness and picture clarity to make you’re living together with friends worth each moment and especially the movie nights are well worthy of cherishing the time and beyond with these dorm room projectors.


This projector is coming with a native 800 by 480 pixels it is more like an underdog and it is generally not feasible to expect an FHD or beyond screen resolution at this minimal price tag of under 100 USD but this budget-friendly screen has not reduced its clarity to only 480 pixels content only.

It has an FHD content support as well which makes it possible for the projector to play 1080 pixels content over it but it should be noted here that the display will not be in FHD resolution rather, the FHD content will be converted to 480 pixels display making it compatible for play.

The flexible ranging of connectivity and the input/output ports that this device provide is beyond criticism and it offers something for everyone be it HDMI, VGA, TV STICK, PC or PS4.

What We Like
  • FHD supportive resolution
  • 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio along with auto mode
  • 33-170 projection size
  • 40,000 hours typical life span
  • 40,000 hours typical life span
What We Don't Like
  • Low lamp life


VANKYO Leisure is the best portable projector for dorm room having everything from its low budget profile to good life span and great contrast ratio making it a worthy and timely purchase.

5.) Dbpower L21: (Best For Speakers)

 Dbpower L21

Dbpower L21 projector unlike our other projectors on this list is not an entry-level screen with 480 pixels native resolution but rather it is an updated projector with wireless control capabilities.

The typical FHD support converting 1080 pixels media to either 720 or 480 pixels content compatible with the screen display (720 pixels here in this projector).

 Wireless connectivity is a new addition that has not achieved much success in the market but is appealing to the general masses who either owing to limited budgets or some unknown reasons couldn’t purchase their dream product.


This projector has a native 1280 by 720 pixels screen resolution which is quite good enough for this price level but to make the 1080 pixels viewable on this large screen this projector provides FHD support making it possible to import the 1080 pixels media in this 720 pixels display.

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The most notable thing about the project is its contrast ratio of 5000:1 which makes it great for bright ambient light conditions giving it a sharper image production and better image quality which is improved to a certain extent with its 5000 lumens value.

5000 LUX is a very great luminosity number for a compact dorm room where there is an average proliferation of the ambient light making it good for high to low ambient light in the room.

What We Like
  • Wireless connectivity
  • 720 pixels native resolution
  • 1080 pixels FHD support
  • Gaming compatibility
  • 3000:1 contrast ratio
  • On board stereo speakers
What We Don't Like
  • Relatively costly


It is worthy of purchase projector with beyond $150 price tag offering you 5000 lumens and 720 pixels native resolution in exchange for your bucks along with a 5000:1 contrast ratio and built-in speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Should I Arrange My Dorm Room?

Arranging the dorm room is totally up to the taste and aesthetics of the people living there but some of the universal and helpful ideas to arrange your room are to start with the furniture in the room and it is appealing to use multi-use items that would be helpful for a variety of purposes.

It is good to specify the kitchen area at the corner side and utilize the space above the bed for storage. Magnetic boards and DIY entertainment rooms should be arranged as well.

How Should I Clean My Dorm Room Before Moving In?

Cleaning the dorm room begins with cleaning the goods and furniture in the room, so begin with cleaning your refrigerators, then kitchen area and entertainment spot and after that go for cleaning your bathroom as well.

What Size TV Should You Get For A Dorm Room?

The dorm room doesn’t demand a huge screen TV and an average 32-35 inches screen will be good enough for the job while for a living room you definitely need to move beyond 32-inch screens.

How Much Should I Spend On Dorm Supplies?

Dorm supplies range not only in price but also in numbers and their seller therefore, the user must carefully plan his budget and give a clever check to the price differentiation and budget deals, typically the average expenditure on dorm supplies is about $850 monthly.

Buying Guide

Dorm rooms provide a robust way of social gathering and entertainment and portable projectors are something mandatory to boost this performance and fun and for that, the user must go through the must-have features to make sure that they are buying a great quality projector.


Resolution is the foremost consideration for a projector and the dorm room projectors are quite budget-friendly and for that, it is not possible to achieve 2Kor 4K UHD resolution but most of the projectors are supporting an FHD resolution and the native resolution of typical resolution is about 480 pixels or 780 pixels.


Lumens determine the ambient brightness level at which a projector can produce a clear picture and the typical under $150 projectors are usually coming with low lumens and this means these devices need a completely dark environment for their ideal function, higher the lumens, the better the picture clarity and visual appeal.


Dorm rooms are usually space-restricted and therefore, it wouldn’t be wise to have a 200-inch screen, therefore, the user must go for a 100 or 120-inch screen that can provide the best of both a large screen and a space-saving display.

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