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With the advancement in the field of technology and CPUs, every new model includes the installation of advanced processors and features that requires upgraded models and tools.

The motherboards have advanced as well ranging variously staring from FM2 till AM3+ models. The Best Socket Am3+ Motherboards offer the best reliability due to advanced features and their extended compatibility with various CPUs.

Things To Consider Before Buying 

The important factors for making a decisive option in terms of motherboard socket AM3+ includes following considerations:

RAM Size: The RAM size is the most important factor to consider as it drives the motherboard and relates to overall PC performance. always look for the socket motherboard that provides a high rate of RAM size.

RAM Technology: The RAM technology determines its performance and further supports the motherboard’s features and size. DDR3 technology is always a reliable and preferred choice.

Memory Slots: The memory slots available for connectivity and usage related to the capacity of the motherboard for extended use and reliability. The more the number of slots available, the better the compatibility of the motherboard is.

My Top Pick:

ASRock 760GM-HDV Socket AM3+ is top-rated for its exceptional and incredible performance upon your motherboard. The unit includes promising quality audio and solid capacitors for the best and reliable performance.

Best Socket Am3+ Motherboards

The unit is back up with 3 years of warranty which shows its durable manufacturing and quality.

1.) ASRock 760GM-HDV Socket AM3+: (Best Seller)

ASRock 760GM-HDV Socket AM3+

ASRock 760GM-HDV is an exceptional motherboard that allows you high performance and quality audio mechanism. The unit includes solid capacitors that allow stable and longer performance. The unique and distinctive point for ASRock includes audio capacitors that were used to be found only in high-level motherboards.

It then helps in the reduction of noise level and satisfies the pickiest audiophiles. ASRock comes with multiple updates of a various application that allows great convenience upon its operation.


ASRock 760GM-HDV is a price attractive motherboard that is built for AM3+ / AM3 processors for up to eight cores and it builds a solid foundation for your new setup. The stability and durability we ensured with its solid design capacitor including clear audio delivery with 7.1 CH HD Audio.

This kind of audio was previously found in high-end motherboards and now got supported with ASRock 760GM-HDV motherboard. The Sapphire Black PCB includes a sense of quality and style within the unit. the video outputs are built on-board including VGA, DVI, and HDMI for compatibility with legacy and modern monitors.

This motherboard is specially designed for building up a powerful system and delivering demanding technology for its users. The high-density design glass fabric reduces the gap between the layers of PCB and protects the motherboard with any sort of electrical shorts specifically caused by humidity. Its appearance of the motherboard provides it a solid pure black PCB look with rock-solid quality built. It guarantees a warranty for 3 years.

What We Like
  • CPU BIOS overclocking enabled
  • Larger Northbridge allows cooler temperature
  • Small footprint
  • Controllable fan speed
  • Supports AMD AM3 & AM3+ CPUs
What We Don't Like
  • Needs Extension cable of 8 Pin for mount PSU case
  • No USB-C Header
  • BIOS HDD S.M.A.R.T. mode is set at disabling by default
  • No on-broad graphics Windows 10 driver
  • Unstable location of USB 2 headers


ASRock 760GM-HDV is the best when it comes to the handling of 125w AMD FX CPU and supports 3- solid capacitors that allow you reliable performance and durability.

2.) ASRock Motherboard ATX: (Temperature Stability)

ASRock Motherboard ATX

ASRock Motherboard ATX is installed with a dual-channel mechanism and reliable manufacturing for the best performance and reliable speed. The built of the motherboard is carefully infused with copper materials for PCB layers that allow low temperature and higher efficiency for overclocking as well.

The spike protector absorbs all kinds of shocks and electrical fluctuations for better and protected use. The unit provides peace of mind as it offers 3 years of warranty.


ASRock Motherboard ATX is compatible with the CPUs of Socket AM3+/AM3. The motherboard allows dual channel mechanism with maximum capacity of 64 GB. The connectivity slots include two PCI-Express 2.0 x16, one PCI-Express 2.0, one PCI-Express 2.0 x1 Slot and two PCI slots. The AYX form factor built a reliable image of the motherboard for working.

It allows you to experience the most engaging audio listening with rich and vibrant details whether you are using headphones, speakers that can be internal or external, headset, HDMI, and headsets. The large aluminum alloys sink take away the excess heart from MOEFET and the chipset making their performance stable at optimal temperature.

The new sapphire black appearance gives an enchanting and mysterious look to the motherboard. The gap between PCB layers is reduced due to the presence of high-density glass fabric and protects the motherboard against any electric shorts. The Full spike protection of ASRock allows to reduce any shocks to the integrated technologies and keep it protected.

What We Like
  • Incredible and efficient built
  • Easy assembling
  • Quality manufacture
What We Don't Like
  • Maybe larger than standard motherboards


ASRock Motherboard ATX is efficiently built and provides the best quality performance. the packaging and protection features allow the best and reliable quality and working.

3.) ASUS M5A78L-M Plus: (Price Effective)

ASUS M5A78L-M Plus

ASUS M5A78L-M Plus is categorized for European Union´s Energy-related Products that meet certain efficiency requirements and provides the vision for eco-friendly use. The innovation within the motherboard provides reduced footprints of carbon and mitigate negative environmental impacts. The unit provides simple update BIOS with the help of a USB flash disk.

The easy BIOS update utility for this motherboard includes EZ Flash 2 that is user friendly. With its help, the BIOS can be upgraded with the limited procedure without preparing a floppy diskette or an OS-based utility. This motherboard is rank as the best socket AM3+ motherboard for CPUs.


ASUS M5A78L-M Plus is an effective quality motherboard that allows compatibility with Phenom II /Athlon II /Sempron 100 Series Processors. This multi-core and unique L3 cache provide better overclocking with lesser consumption of power.

The dual-channel DDR3 memory speeds up the data transfer up to 5200 MT/S due to the system bus of HyperTransport 3.0. The EPU-4 engine allows automatic analysis of loading and moderates power. The ASUS Anti-Surge Protection detects the presence of overvoltage and stabilizes the surges. The unit also cuts off the supply in case of overvoltage for protection.

The reduction of radiations is designed by Low EMI installation by 50 percent. The Radiation Moat Design blocks radiations from any spread of discharge. The ESD guards any peripheral damage to the computer and clamps the uneven voltage. The ultra-fast data transfer is done with the latest connectivity due to USB 3.0 and connects with next-generation components.

The ASUS Fan Xpert adjusts the CPU and fan speed that is needed to be adjusted for various geographical reasons. The high definition 8-channel audio allows 192KHz/24-bit audio output, and jack-sensing feature. The multi-streaming technology provides various streams to different destinations.

What We Like
  • Small footprint
  • Affordable price range
  • Affordable price range
What We Don't Like
  • Moderate overclocking
  • Old chipset installation


ASUS M5A78L-M Plus is built for convenient and affordable use that allows the best quality and advanced features with expansion slots for increased connectivity.

4.) ASUS M5A99FX PRO: (Fastest Performance)


ASUS M5A99FX PRO is upgraded to increase its compatibility for windows 8 which is mostly absent in motherboards or hard to find. The device includes intelligent multiple processors with advanced features and specs.

The unlimited adjustable settings and options in the motherboard provide an extended opportunity for better control and regulation. The unit is the best fit for your next-gen PCs and computers for advance features utilization and control.


ASUS M5A99FX PRO provides improved and upgraded hardware and Native BIOS Support, which provides the fastest reboot of 2 seconds. The Dual intelligent processors 3 includes New DIGI+ Power Control, SMART DIGI+ Key, and DRAM and CPU Power.

The motherboard allows real-time network bandwidth control for prioritizing bandwidth for your various applications. The unit further includes numerous features for the best experience. The real-time VRM adjustment control allows you to customize according to your requirement. Different modes of Load Line calibration provide versatility in use.

Current capability control allows you further customization. The accurate turning of BIOS and UI needed no further adjustments as it already intelligently handles all the operations required. The connectivity outputs include the USB 3.0 Boost set that includes 3 modes of Normal, Turbo, and USAP for overall improvement in reading/write performance.

The motherboard can be controlled through a remote that extends its wireless operation by turning on the Smart Handhelds for the best entertainment console.

What We Like
  • Offers many expansion options and controls
  • Stable and reliable platform
  • Distinctive features that provide it clear standing in the market
What We Don't Like
  • Doesn’t provide easy spacing for quad GPU


ASUS M5A99FX PRO is a reliable and excellent motherboard that provides incredible performance due to its installed advanced features and number of expansion slots.

5.) Asustek Computer M5a78l-m: (Reliable Usage)

Asustek Computer M5a78l-m

Asustek Computer M5a78l-m comes with an attractive set of features and specs that allow you to boost up the performance of your PC as it is compatible with most of the systems and its additional protection features with an adjustable speed of the fan to control the temperature of the system helps in reliable use.

It comes with power saving engine providing efficient use of power and battery. The unit includes 1 year of warranty with multiple performance features.


Asustek Computer M5a78l-m is a cost-effective built for motherboards with support of AMD FX /Athlon II /Phenom II /Sempron 100 Series Processors within the AM3+ Socket.

The motherboard includes the best class experience for your next PC build. The anti-surge protection with electrostatic discharge protection offers a full safeguard shield for accidental electric fluctuations. The unit allows effective use of energy due to the latest 4-engine EPU for intelligently moderating the power for real-time.

The Low EMI design reduces the radiation at half as it includes the feature of Radiation Moat Design. The ASUS Core Unlocker allows a simplified activation of AMD CPU with a single key. ASUS Fan Xpert intelligently adjust the CPU and fan speed according to a various ambient temperature that is caused by a climatic condition in geographic regions.

The ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) guards eliminate any sort of damage to the computer occurs due to plugging or unplugging.

What We Like
  • Provides anti-surge protection
  • Includes Core Unlocker
  • Fan Xpert allows controlled adjustment of fan
What We Don't Like
  • Not compatible with windows 8
  • Doesn’t include Lan driver for windows 8 as well


Asustek Computer M5a78l-m is an easy rank for best socket am3+ motherboards as it offers advances protected features and reliable performance at an affordable range of price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is The Best Am3+ Motherboard?

The best am3+ socket for the motherboard includes reliable performance and stability for your CPU. The best one includes ASRock 760GM-HDV Socket AM3+, ASRock Motherboard ATX, and ASUS M5A78L-M Plus.

Do Am4 Motherboards Support Am3+?

Am3+ and AM4 motherboards are equipped with different RAM technology that can’t be supported by each other. The AM3+ motherboards include DDR3 whereas AM4 includes the installation of DDR4.

Which Is Better Am3+ And Fm2+?

AM3+ motherboard provides faster processing performance than that of FM2+ irrespective of the pricing that is in the favor of FM2+.

Is Fm2+ And Am3+ Compatible?

Socket FM2+ motherboards are compatible with the AMD APUs and CPUs that include AMD CPU Socket AM3+. Whereas Socket AM3+ motherboards offer compatibility with AM3+ motherboards.

Buying Guide

The buying guide for the best socket AM3+ motherboards is essential to consult as it based the purchasing decision to its optimal accuracy.


The compatibility of the Socket with your PC’s motherboard is necessary in order to work effectively. It is advisable to know your computer first in order to make the right decision.


The installation of the socket upon the motherboard is preferred to be easy and convenient and doesn’t need any electrician for its installation.

Power Usage:

It is preferable to look for a power effective motherboard as the PC itself requires loads of voltage for operation and its performance.


The heatsink stabilizes the temperature of the motherboard and hence keep it at its optimal temperature. The heat sink control is an important feature to look upon in an AM3+ motherboard.


The warranty of the socket provides you peace of mind with reliable and prolong performance. It eliminates the worry of replacement or its maintenance timely.

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