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The market is flooded with many Alexa-enabled Bluetooth speakers that are smart voice control gadgets and allow you to have the best of both worlds. These devices are originally designed as voice assistant gadgets for Alexa but can be used as portable Bluetooth speakers. One can easily pair their Alexa-enabled smart speaker with a Bluetooth speaker playing music. 

One thing that you need to know is that these smart Alexa-enabled devices are by default designed as smart IA voice assistants and will not let you play music without playing with some settings. Therefore, you need to change some settings to allow your Alexa-enabled wireless speaker to play some music. 

These Alexa-enabled devices turned into Bluetooth speakers can be used as standalone wireless speakers but are most commonly used as part of a sound system where you have multiple stereo units and both wired and wireless speakers.

These speakers will help the sound system to increase sound clarity and loudness. This is a typical case of getting the most out of your gadgets and making them worth each penny of the cost invested in them.

One such great Alexa enabled speaker is the Amazon Echo which is a smart wireless speaker from the amazon and is a multifunctional device that is built as a voice assistant but can be used to listen to podcasts, control your smart home features, listen to calls, answering your commands and thus act as a portable mini speaker for both music player and Alexa voice assistant. 

Now that we have resolved your first query which is “Can Alexa be used as a Bluetooth speaker”, you must be now wondering how it can be done. To tackle this hustle you need to go through our review article till the end and have a deep look into the process of converting your IA smart voice assistant into a Bluetooth speaker. 

Can Alexa Be Used As A Bluetooth Speaker?

Alexa is the most talked about and well-known of all the voice assistants. Although Alexa faces severe competition from Apple’s Siri and Google Voice Assistant, the hype of Alexa knows no bounds and it is to date the most commonly used voice assistant. 

Therefore, most smart homes are adding Alexa voice controls to pair their smartphones with Alexa-enabled portable speakers and control their smart home features with the cellphone.

These Alexa-enabled speakers can be used to turn ON and OFF the home lights, answer questions, change the tones of lights and play your smartphone reminders and to-do lists. The Alexa tools can also help you in opening and closing your automated doors.

Other than controlling your homes, Alexa-enabled speakers are capable of playing your media only if you have properly tuned them and paired them with a specific media source device. To know how it can be tuned for playing your music and other media follow through with the given instructions and guidelines.

How To Use The Alexa Device As A Bluetooth Speaker?

Amazon Echo is the typical example of an Alexa device and therefore, we are going to review how you can convert your Amazon Echo to a Bluetooth speaker.

The steps mentioned below are specific for the amazon Echo device but they can be followed in the same manner for all other Alexa-enabled mini speakers that have built-in voice assistant and wireless (Bluetooth) connectivity.

Let us now get straight to our main focus which is to use your amazon echo speakers as the Bluetooth speakers.

Step # 1: Enable Bluetooth Connectivity

Open iPhone settings by clicking on the Settings icon from the app menu or through the control center.

  • Go to Bluetooth settings.
  • Toggle the Bluetooth switch on. 
  • Once Bluetooth is turned the oval before it will become green. 
  • After Bluetooth is enabled the options for My Device and Other Devices will become accessible. 

The general steps as the same for all devices and all versions of iPhones. But depending upon the iOS versions the exact menu can be slightly different.

Step # 2: Turn On Pairing Mode On your Alexa Device

After enabling Bluetooth connectivity, it is time to enable the pairing mode of your Alexa buddy. Only after the pairing mode is turned on your Alexa device will be discoverable by the Bluetooth of your media source device (iPhone in this case).

  • Turn on your Alexa device that is your amazon Echo speakers
  • Say, Alexa, pair to let it automatically enter the pairing mode. You can also try saying Alexa, Bluetooth ON. 
  • Make sure to keep your Amazon Echo within the hearing distance or speak closely to your Alexa home assistant. 
  • Once the Alexa speakers have entered into the pairing mode a blue light will keep flashing through it.

Step # 3: Pairing Alexa Device With The Media Device (iPhone)

Now that both devices are ready to be paired, it is time to go to your iPhone Bluetooth settings and look under Other Devices. After the pairing mode has been enabled your amazon Echo will be visible under the Other Devices section. 

Tap on its name with the model number to pair it with your iPhone.

After you have clicked on the name both devices will be connected and you can confirm the connection by playing any media through your iPhone.

The voice will be listed through the Alexa-enabled speakers. In this way, you can easily make your Alexa home assistant into a portable, wireless Bluetooth speaker at your ease. 

Final Words:

In this review article, we have briefed you about using your Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker. We have also mentioned the necessary guidelines to let you finish your connection conveniently. You can follow our above-mentioned instructions to pair your Alexa speakers with a media device and let it work as a Bluetooth speaker playing your media for you. 

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