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Placement :

The setting and getting caught in the detail for making up the perfect home theater experience that involves file formats, cable placements, resolutions adjustments, setting up wireless connections, and much holds up perfect projecting but can be exhausting and tiresome.

The interested clients and potential buyers all the necessary questions while making a purchase but mostly forget to ask the most important question regarding the placement can the projector be off-center?

Angled Position :

The need for a projector to be centered on the screen isn’t a necessary step to perform as the adjustment of lens shift range horizontally can do the image placement accurately. The projector can surely be off-center mainly due to its keystone correction and lens shift capability.

Mounting In Center :

The mounting of the projector on the center line is certainly easier physically which requires the simple need of a little string or measuring tape just to mark the spot on the ceiling and drill out accordingly.

But this isn’t the only solution time as the physical restrictions of fans, electric lights, skylights, air vents, and speakers can restrain the placement in the exact center.

Substitute Placement :

In this case, the projector needs substitute placement at an angle but make sure the perfect alignment of the image on the screen. This can be dealt with by trying true methods that mainly include two categories and options: lens shifts or keystone correction.

Keystone Correction :

The keystone correction helps when the projector cannot be minimized in rotation. The placement can be rotated at any angle but will oppose the light from the other end. Keeping in view this problem, keystone correction helps in the outlaying centered image of the off-center projector.

Lens Shift :

Lens shift also provides a shortcut and easier way for getting the image in place without making the projector move to a greater angle. This helps in placing the projector easily anywhere around.

Video Help:

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