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Use Of iPhone :

The streaming of content on a big screen i.e., the projector provides you a home theater experience with ultimate comfort. The content that is projected requires a source so that the projector will do the rest of the task. Most of the people are Apple fans and almost everyone is an iPhone user.

People tend to save their material on smartphones to access it quickly and easily. Likewise, movies and seasons are stored on iCloud that when needed the use of a projector, might help in easy streaming through easy connection but can projector connect to iPhone? Certainly yes! Not only does the projector supports connection to iPhones but also allows you multiple ways of connections.

Connection Through Wires :

The easiest way through which the iPhone can be connected to the projector is the use of a simple adapter cable that comes with a projector in the form of a video cable that allows easy connection with laptops, tablets, or phones.

But the unique built of the iPhone won’t support the projector’s standard video cable, it will need an adapter to work. Apple sells two types of adapter to make the iPhone compatible with the projector.

Types Of Adapter :

The Lightning to VGA Adapter plugs into the Lightning port and connects with VGA video cables. Secondly, the Lightning Digital AV Adapter is connected with iPhone and to an HDMI cable. Both provide reliable options for connectivity.

Wireless Connection :

Some of the projectors aren’t built to connect through wires but offer wireless connections through Bluetooth or WIFI. Since iPhone doesn’t support the connection through Bluetooth, it makes a reliable wireless connection through WIFI.

This mechanism doesn’t require the use of video cables or certain adapters to connect, it allows quick and easy connection wirelessly with stable streaming. Most of the projectors provide a thorough guide of how connection can be built between iPhone and projectors.


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