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Connection Of Tv And Projectors :

The projector is a self-sufficient device consist of its screen or any wall that can be used as a screen as well. But it ignites an intriguing question that can a projector connect to a TV? The connection between the TV and projector might be possible with several other considerations that are needed to be checked.

The traditional Cathode-Ray Tube (CRT) of the television set can’t be able to directly connect and deliver the TV signals to the VGA connection of the projector. It requires a prior linking of cable to the projector.

Linking Media Players :

The link of the CRTs has to be built up with VCR, Laserdisc, or Betamax as these are the media players that consist of signals that can read the CRTs of television. The other option involves the redundant connection of HDTV to the digital video projectors.

The reliable connectivity demands a former connection of the WIFI internet with projector and then with the HDTV as it helps in getting the signals from it that will be cast on both projector and television.

Procedure To Connect :

The connection of the projector with the Televisions requires a specific procedure to follow. The media players can be directly connected to either TV or projectors but it is always possible to connect the TV with projectors as well.

This can be done for the sake of mirroring screens and leads two displays of the screen at the same time. Another way can involve splitting of HDTV and projector with the help of splitter or matrix switcher.


All the modern and TVs have more than one ports that help them enable to receive and display the images that are generated through media players. The link can be wireless as well with the help of a wireless transceiver and receiver package.

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