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Projectors are becoming more and more common due to their several benefits. Where there are benefits, there are certainly some risks attached. The larger screen projectors raise a question about the fact that does projector have radiation and can do they cause harm?

To own a device that endangers your health is never worth of choice. This is specifically a true statement to check for radioactive devices. Before asking the question that, does the projector have radiations? It is important to have a basic knowledge about the radiations.

Radiations : 

Radiations are the energy that is generated through some source. It easily traveled through space and can be penetrated through various materials. The radiations that are generated from screens or projectors have an extremely low-frequency range of spectrums. This moves on to high energies or longer wavelengths.

Types Of Radiations :

Radiations can be ionizing and non-ionizing. The ionizing radiation damages the cells and can cause cell damage and death. While non-ionizing radiations have a shorter wavelength and are less dangerous.

Projector Radiations :

The projector, when operates, it emits non-ionizing types of radiation along with ultraviolet rays but the glass lens filters it out. The resulting emitting beam consists of visible and infrared lights only. This helps in projections of images and videos whatever is required. Still, when you directly place your hands on the lens, you will feel the warmth of infrared radiations.

Eye Safety :

The projector emits non-ionizing radiation that is harmless. But the only threat for the viewer can be brought because of the blue light that is emitted. It is the part of visible light but its effects are mitigated somehow to increase the convenient use.

The viewers are kept safe from any eye strain or discomfort causing radiations because the viewer doesn’t have any kind of eye contact directly with the projector beam.

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