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Pairing a wireless keyboard to Dell laptops helps in controlled productivity and enhanced portability as it provides a sturdy and reliable connection at an acceptable distance. So, how to connect the Dell wireless keyboard?

Dell Wireless Keyboard Setup Through Batteries:

For preparing the Dell wireless keyboard setup, makes sure that the batteries are installed in. the fresh set is preferable to install on the rare side of the keyboard and covered up with the battery cover. Turn on the keyboard for activation. The distance between the laptop and the wireless keyboard must lie between 10 meters for effective performance.

Setting Up Through USB Dongle:

The use of a USB dongle that is installed in the USB port of the laptop helps in building a connection with the DELL wireless keyboard. The default Dell Universal Pairing is transferred from the connection-mode light to build a sturdy connection.

Bluetooth Pairing:

Pairing the wireless keyboard with the Dell keyboard can be done through a Bluetooth connection. This can be done by pressing the connection mode twice within 3 seconds. The light turns on which indicates the available connection of Bluetooth.

Go to the “Bluetooth and the other devices” settings to see the available option of a Dell keyboard. Confirm the connection and start using the wireless keyboard connection.

Adding Another Connection:

In addition to pairing the wireless Dell keyboard with the computer setup, another device can be added to the connection through Bluetooth pairing. Built the third connection, press the connection button three times till it gets lighted and hence indicates the activation of Bluetooth.

Select the third option to connect through Bluetooth with the already connected keyboard. This enhances the productivity of the user while availing a range of devices at a single time.

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