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Painting Cars:

Autobodies and repair shops can fix and mix the paint for spraying your cars but turn out to be an expensive exercise. While using spray paints, even a common man I capable of getting the ultimate finishing look on an affordable budget. This requires basic knowledge of paint types and mixing mechanisms.

Types Of Paints:

First of all, acquire all the essential tools such as a mixing cup or pail that helps in thorough mixing of the substance together that can’t be done directly in the paint jar. Always prefer to choose the single-stage paint that dries out quickly and falls under the affordable category. This type of paint comes in colors such as red, blue, or yellow with a glossy look that can be easily prepared.

However, people tend to look for a reliable investment that supports long-lasting results. Such paints include the two-stage painting method called clear coat paints. These paints include two coating mechanism that offers extra protection against scratches. This produces a metallic finish.

Mixing Single-Stage Paints:

Single-stage paints require the simple mixing of three components. The first one is the paint itself that produces the color. The thinner or the reducer helps in diluting the paint for avoiding clumps and orange peels and lastly, the hardener results in providing an overall finish and letting the paint dry quickly. The proportion for the paint ranks at 10, for thinner proportion, it will be 9, and the proportion of hardener would be 8.

Mixing Two-Stage Paints:

For applying two-stage paints, both the base coat and the finish coat require additional materials. The base coat will be mixed with thinner for providing quality viscosity. The finish coat paint is paired up with a hardener. The proportion for the base coat and reducer will be half and half, whereas the ratio of hardener and the finish coat is 4:1. The compounds are mixed thoroughly and tested.

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