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How To Oil Paper Shredder

Paper shredders are important for office use when it comes to the proper disposal of confidential documents. They require to be lubricated as blades can get rusty and lose their efficiency in disposing of the important document properly.

The maintenance of shredders is yet another thing to consider on a routine basis. The lubrication of various shredders is down with different oils recommended by the manufactures of particular shredders.

The frequency of oiling the shredder should be considered to keep it functioning properly and smoothly and prevent any jamming and clogging of papers and particles.

The question stands that “How To Oil Paper Shredder”?  to which the solution and method are simple to operate. The oiling of paper shredder to prevent it from jamming includes the following different methods:


Methods are simple, easy, and take minimal time to be done. Three methods to lubricate paper shredder are listed and can be used according to personal convenience:

  1. Direct method
  2. Indirect method: The sandwich
  3. Using lubricant sheets

Direct Method

The direct method involves the direct use of oil upon the shredder rather than including any further additional material. This method is easy and direct to clean and lubricate the blades so that it prevents any jamming and clogging of paper due to possible resistance or rust on the blades and edges.

Step 1: Run The Shredder In Reverse Function

The direct method of oiling the paper shredder starts with running the device in reverse function for 10 seconds so any addition of oil will not be spill outwards in case of auto-forward function.

Step 2: Turn Off The Shredder

After running the shredder on reverse function, turn off the shredder completely so it cools down and its blade stops completely. Wait for a few minutes to turn off the shredder entirely so there is no possible electric flow in the blades or engine.

Step 3: Choose Recommended Oil

Different shredders require different types of oils for their input and lubrication. the shredder oil is composed of special ingredients like that of Solvent Refined Hydrotreated Middle Distillate, Severely Hydrotreated Light Naphthenic Distillate, Butylated Hydroxy Toluene, and Commercial Oleic Acid. The plain canola oil is however a common recommendation in case you are out of shredder oil which works effectively.

Step 4: Apply The Oil

Apply the shredder oil or canola oil from left to right in one move evenly onto the insertion slot. This makes the blades run smoothly and minimizes the chances of jamming the shredder.

Step 5: Run The Shredder

After oiling the paper insertion slot, run the shredder without any input of paper. This makes the shredder fully lubricated and ready to use. The oiling helps in minimizing the jamming of the shredder for future use.

Step 6: Shred More Normal Papers

After using oil in the insertion slot, shred a few more papers so that they absorb any excess oil and made the shredder smooth and oil-free.

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Indirect Method: The Sandwich

The indirect method involves the use of a couple of papers and oil to lubricate the paper shredder machine. The method is also called the sandwich method of oiling the shredder. The method is handy in preventing any untidiness from oil as it is spread in a paper sandwich for minimal mess.

Step 1: Obtain A Paper

Place a paper at the table and another paper to place onto it afterward. The paper is later lubricated for oiling the blades of the shredder.

Step 2: Apply Oil On Paper

Use the shredder oil and spread it on the paper to the amount enough to get applied evenly but not to get spilled from the sides of the paper. This lessens any oil mess and lubricates the shredder effectively.

Step 3: Make A Sandwich

After oiling the paper, place another paper on the oiled surface and make a sort of sandwich of paper which is then used in a paper shredder. Gently pressed both the paper together so that the oil got evenly spread.

Step 4: Turn On The Shredder

Place the paper sandwich in the paper insertion slot to shred it. Turn on the shredder in a normal position so that the sandwich gets shredded completely. This thoroughly oiled the blades of the shredder without any mess and oil spills.

Step 5: Do Reverse Function

Operate the shredder in reverse function which enables the paper shredder to get thoroughly lubricated for smooth future use.

Step 6: Shred Some Normal Papers

After completing the process of lubricating the paper shredder, run some paper through the shredders to shred so that the additional oil on the blades gets absorbed making the shredder oil-free and ready to oil. 

Using Lubricant Sheets

Instead of using oil or the lengthy process of making paper sandwiches, the lubricant sheet and ready-to-use paper sandwich that help in quick and easy shredding of lubricant sheets and oiling of shredder at the same time.

The lubricant sheets are made from shredder oil and a thin envelope of paper. This is easy t obtain less time-consuming to process. The lubricant sheets can be easily obtained from websites of manufactures of paper shredders.

Step 1: Start Reverse Function

Operate the paper shredder in reverse function and wait for 10 seconds afterward, this makes the device cool down to get oil input.

Step 2: Place Lubricant Sheets

Grab the lubricant sheet and place it on the insertion slot, operate the shredder to shred sheet. This then lubricates the blades of the paper shredder while getting shredded.

Step 3: Run Reverse Function Again

After shredding the lubricant sheets, run the shredder in reverse function again so that the oil is evenly spread through the blades on both sides and hence, the paper shredder got oiled thoroughly and is ready to get used for the smooth-running operation.

Step 4: Shred Papers To Clean Insertion Slot

Shred papers after shredding lubricant sheets so that any residue of oil from sheets can get absorbed through papers making the shredder oil-free and ready to use.

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