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What is Paper Shredder?

For bringing down the evidence against his anti-Nazi leaflets, to avoid any kind of authoritative inquires, Adolf Ehinger uses the paper shredder for the first time in 1935 in Germany. He, later on, sell his shredder patent to government and high-profile agencies. The device is based on a hand-crank pasta maker and advanced through the ages.

So, what is a shredder?

It is a device that helps you to shred paper or equivalent material such as credit cards, CDs, and DVDs in the fine form of confetti that then turns into a state of unreadability.

It is used on a larger scale at offices, industries, government organizations, and by private individuals to destroy confidential and sensitive documents. A paper shredder is used at home by individuals that are running home offices and requires the destruction of personal otherwise confidential information.

The range of variety, size, and prices vary greatly with the requirement of larger units at commercial shredding services that can shredder thousands of papers within an hour and small-sized units with an affordable price range for minimal tasks that might take a certain amount to complete. Most of the shredders are powered electrically for fine and uninterrupted shredding.

With time, as mentioned earlier, paper shredders advanced with the installation of improving features. Some provide the best fed capacity with minimal chance of jamming; some are installed with larger-sized bins to hold the shredded confetti for a longer period of the task and some are evolved to provide a safe design to reduce risks and improve protected usage. Some shredders are environment-friendly due to noise-canceling features.

As the size, features, capacity, and affordability has evolved through time, the size and the shape of the produced output also vary and progress for improved confidentiality. To determine the security of the shredder, the term “security levels” defines the standard of the paper shredder. The security levels range from P1 to P7 ranking from the larger to the smallest shredding size which increases confidentiality for military, embassies, and intelligence services.

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The shredded material ranges to various designs and cutting techniques including strip-cut that produce narrow strips in the length of the original sheet, cross-cut which results in diamond-shaped confetti, particle cut creates small square or circle pieces varying from shredders to shredders, cardboard shredders produce mesh pallets, pierce and tear shredder provides sequential piercing and tearing of the paper and grinders grind the paper until it falls through the screen.

Shredders are one the office supplies for making the safe disposal of confidential information. 

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