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Paper shredders play an important role in terms of destroying a confidential document before throwing it in a dumpster for free of being getting the information hacked or leaked.

The shredders have now ranged to a great extent in terms of bin size, shredding ability, shred size, type cut, and level of security.

The question stands for the best-ranked paper shredder which provides a complete package and economical range of obtaining. The Best Paper Shredders For Home And Office Use provides optimal security in shredding the paper to confetti which then secured the information and data from being leaked.

The following can be ranged for best paper shredder 2021 with reliable reviews and positive feedback by buyers and consumers.

The best paper shredder for home use involved the easy use of the device with a reliable rate of running and more specifically containing a large size bin for easy disposal of shredded trash.

My Top Pick:

The best in-home paper shredder involves AmazonBasics and Bonsaii C156-D which are optimal to use at home and have the capacity reasonable according to the home level security which basically involves CDs and DVDs.

The slots of both the paper shredders are wide enough for the insertion of CDs and acquire thermal protection technology to reduce any chances of an accident.

Best Paper Shredder For Home Use

The Best Paper Shredder For Home And Office Use requires comparatively more running time and energy as it requires the bulk of documents disposal and in minimal time.

The top raked products in this regard are Fellowes 99Ms and Fellowes 79Ci which are the best reliable choice for office and small business use. Both the products are heavy-duty and help with a large number of junks to dispose of in no time.

Image Item Name Details  Price
Amazonbasics 12-Sheet Shredder AmazonBasics Time: 8 Minutes
Type: Micro Cut
Bin Size: 6.7 Gallons
Papers Per Minute: 12 Pages
Warranty: 1 Year
Strip Size: 0.15 x 0.47”
Security Level: P-3
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Bonsaii C156-D Shredder Bonsaii C156-D Time: 5 Minutes
Type: Micro Cut
Bin Size: 5.5 Gallons
Papers Per Minute: 12 Pages
Warranty: 1 Year
Strip Size: 0.2 x 0.76″
Security Level: P-3
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Fellowes 99ms Fellowes 99Ms Time: 20 Minutes
Type: Micro Cut
Bin Size: 9 Gallons
Papers Per Minutes: 14 Pages
Warranty: 1 Year
Strip Size: 0.07 x 0.56”
Security Level: P-4
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Fellowes 79ci Fellowes 79Ci Time: 20 Minutes
Type: Micro Cut
Bin Size: 6 Gallons
Papers Per Minute: 16 Pages
Warranty: 2 Year
Strip Size: 0.15 x 1.5″
Security Level: P-5
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Let’s move to the detailed review section of these products!

Best Paper Shredder For Home Use

1.) Amazonbasics 12-Sheet Shredder: (Best Overall)

Amazonbasics 12-Sheet Shredder

AmazonBasics 12-sheet shredder is an optimal choice for the best paper shredder for home as it includes shredding of paper at a minimal rate of distortion. The product guarantees high security while offering a micro-cut type of shredding.

The device is able to destroy credit cards, DVDs and CDs, and other letter paper, and A4 size papers with great convenience.

AmazonBasics vary in large variety when it comes to their models and assure easy operation and maintenance of machines by offering a limited warranty of 1 whole year.


The model AmazonBasics 12 sheet paper shredder s ranked the best paper shredder for home use because of easy maintenance and operation which is easily handled at home without any fuss.

The shred size offered is 5/32 by 15/32 inches which are micro-cut and guarantee high security making the shredded material completely indetectable. The machine works for continuous 8 minutes and rests to cool down for 45 minutes.

The Best Paper Shredder For Home And Office Use material is collected in 6.7 gallons of large pull-out bin which reduces the emptying of bin frequently.

The unit is devised with thermal protection technology for automatic shutdown and has manual reverse to clear any jams involved.

The sensor detects the insertion of material and starts working at once in auto mode. The noise level it offers is 65 dB which is ranked lower than any distortion caused.

The security level is P-3. The unit is able to destroy any credit cards, DVDs, and CDs all at one time of insertion at a slot size of 9.1 inches. The device is portable enough with dimensions of 24.29 x 17.01 x 13.39 inches. It offers 1 year of the standard warranty.

2.) Bonsaii C156-D Shredder: (Best Quality)

Bonsaii C156-D Shredder

The ideal choice of being the best paper shredder for home use is awarded to Bonsaii C156-D Shredder which marks exceptional performance and fine details.

The unit has a minimal distortion level which makes it easy to sit around with no interruption by the product. The paper shredder reviews are specially designed for home use and guarantee the security level with safe technology.

The machine works with all the engine-protected systems installed without making any higher distortion for the environment which makes it the best in-home paper shredder.


Bonsaii Docshred C156-D Shredder has the capacity to cut the paper into confetti sizes and made the shredded document completely unreadable.

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The shred size is marked 13/64 x 1-49/64 inches which is nothing but shredded confetti. The device also has the capability to shred disc and credit cards into refining trash.

The device can shred 12 A4 sheets per slot and for letter paper which is comparatively thick allow 5 sheets per slot to shred. The Best Paper Shredder For Home And Office Use consists of 5.5 gallons of the bin to reduce frequent emptying.

The device has a continuous work time of 5 minutes which then requires 40 minutes of rest before operating again. The thermal protection system is installed which helps with the non-jam mechanism of the device.

The teeth of the shredder are made of steel which is 0.51’’ long assuring the fine chop of inserted material. The device use sensor to detect the insertion of material and start right off.

The security level it offers is P-3. The machine is made attractive with the coating of black color and in-built handle for easy mobility. The device is 2 feet tall with dimensions of 13.86 x 8.7 x 17.44 inches and weighs 10.13 pounds.

Best Paper Shredder For Office Use

3.) Fellowes 99ms: (Best Security)

Fellowes 99ms

Fellowes 99MS guarantees the best security to confine information properly without any fear of a leak. The device is compatible with office use and ranks as the best paper shredder for office use.

It is a heavy-duty device that works for a longer time period and requires comparatively less time to cool.

The device can shred a large number of materials including DVDs and CDs also credit cards involving sheets and paper size A4.

The product is compiled with a micro-cut type of shredding allowing the minimal size of confetti. This heavy-duty paper shredder helps with great ease and allows featured technology installed.

The unit is powerful and easy to use with strong yet completely safe blades. The device offers a guaranty of 1 year and is reliable in its performance.


14 sheets micro-cut shredder at a single time has assured the complete high security regarding the confidential documents with auto-reverse technology while finding any hurdle in the insertion slot.

The shred size it offers is 5/64”x 9/16” which is highly unrecognizable. The continuous running time is 20 minutes which is followed up by 40 minutes of resting time.

The indicator illuminator shows the overheating of the product and ceases operating until the engine is shut down for cooling.

Safe sense technology protects hands while in contact with a paper opening. The bin size is 9 gallons which holds 600 papers wasted at a time.

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The Best Paper Shredder For Home And Office Use offers advanced features with the utmost protection and proves handy and very practical.

The security level is P-5 which guarantees a great and high-security level of the destruction of documents. The device dimensions are 17.31’ x 11.44’ x 25.19’ and are easily portable. The limited warranty of 1 year stands for its use.

4.) Fellowes 79ci: (Best Versatility)

Fellowes 79ci

Fellowes 79Ci is marked for its long-running time and remarkable less cooling time. The product has jam-free technology that keeps any material from jamming through the insertion slot.

The product offers a cross-cut type of shredding that secures the security level of P-4 which is a great addition for office-level security.

Furthermore, the SilentShred technology assures easy and quiet operation by machine as it won’t bother its surroundings, and reverse function interrupts the input if any inconvenience of any other non-allowable material gets entered.

Safety is guaranteed by the auto-detection of human contact with the insertion slot. The device offers heavy-duty operation and guarantees 2 years of warranty.


This heavy-duty paper shredder is best compatible with office use as it offers prolonged running time and a short period of resting mode. The shred size it offers is 5/32″ x 1/2” with a cross-cut type of shredding.

The jam-proof system eliminates any interruption improving further efficiency of quality work. Jamming-free technology further makes the device auto-working as it helps itself in case of any interruption. The energy-saving system helps with increased energy efficiency.

The device is safe to use as it auto-detect the contact of the hand with opening are. 16 sheets per slot at a time increases the workload and lowers the time of operation. The running time is continuous 20 minutes and 30 minutes of resting time.

The security level it offers is P-4. The P-4 security assures high security which then has complete destruction of the material.

The dimension of the product is 21.31 x 15.38 x 10.44 inches which aid in easy mobility and portability. The device is back up with 2 years of warranty providing long life and assuring durability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is A Shredder Used For In An Office?

The shredder in the office is used for the destruction of confidential and high-profile documents and papers that are involved in serious business. The information can be in the regards of personal data which can be used against blackmailing and can be hacked.

What Are The Security Levels Of Paper Shredders?

The security level of paper shredders is in the form of DIN. There is 7 security level when it comes to the destruction of paper which are DIN P-1, P-2, P-3, P-4, P-5, P-6, and P-7.

What Is The Best Paper Shredder?

The best paper shredder offers the best quality of work, high-security level, confidentiality, and affordable range. The best paper shredders range differently and involve AmazonBasics 12-sheet paper shredder, Bonsaii C156-D, Fellowes 99Ms, and Fellowes 79Ci.

What Is A Paper Shredder Used For?



Paper shredders are used for the destruction of confidential documents, CDs and DVDs, credit cards in small and tiny particles in form of cross-cut, micro-cut, and strip cut. The purpose is to destroy any information which can be used against the person if gotten into the wrong hands.

Buyer’s Guide

Best paper shredder has quality features with advanced technology which helps in easy maintenance and use of the product. The factors that should be considered while looking for paper shredders devise following properties:
Versatility: The versatility of paper shredder involves the shredding of other non-material paper objects like of CDs and DVDs, credit cards, etc. more of the object that can be shredded through a shredder, better and more versatile the unit is.

Running Time:

The running time calculates the time during which the device can be operated. Longer the running time of the product, the more efficient and quick work can be done and completed.


The safety features play an important role when it comes to shredder as it involves a blade for cutting the paper with high frequency.

The in-built security feature is an additional yet important feature as it sensed the human contact with the insertion slot and cease working at once for saving the insertion of material that is to be shredded.


The capacity of the bin adjusts the disposal time of the trash from it. The larger the capacity of the bin, the lesser the emptying time required and the work can be done in a minimal number of sittings.


Security is the most important factor for the paper shredder as it is the primary purpose related to the paper shredder. The higher the security level of shred size, the smaller and finer the shredded paper will be, and the more security it acquires as it will be unreadable.


The best quality device offers the prolonged life of the unit and also includes the fine blade installation which helps with easy shredding. The quality is required to be optimal then back up the warranty time of the product.


The installation of a powerful and heavy-duty motor prolongs the life of paper shredder as it is the main unit of working. The more powerful and durable the engine is, the better the working and speed of the paper shredder are guaranteed.


Warranty holds a great deal to the product as a fine quality shredder. The longer the period of warranty, the longer the device works and performs.

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