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Tips for Paper Shredding

A paper shredder is a useful tool to get rid of confidential yet useless information written down on a piece of paper or another form of media. However, the use of a paper shredder might require a few tricks and techniques to run smoothly for a long-run period.

There are some tips for the careful use of paper shredders and to dispose of sensitive documents with maximum security.

The use of the paper shredder must be minimum to use as it can lower the machine quality and shorten the lifespan of the recycled paper due to the destruction of the paper fibers which weakens the strength and can tear apart easily.

To maintain the shredder quality, it is recommended to avoid the use of faux credit cards that are made of plastic, address label stickers sheets, and promotional stickers.

For retaining the quality of the paper and the paper shredder, it is advisable to initially tear the paper and then use the paper shredder to destroy the residual confidential information that might be too sensitive to discard as it is. The ripping helps in sustaining the paper’s reliability and also minimizes the load on the paper shredder.

If tearing and ripping the paper isn’t a considerable option, as there might be a ton of papers, consider blacking out the sensitive information with the help of a permanent marker. It not only eliminates the visibility but also hides the content evident from the back. The paper can be recycled in a single-stream bin without including the need for a paper shredder.

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Another consideration of using the paper shredder involves the threats to the environment due to the primary reason of reducing the lifespan of the paper and hence increased the need for making a new paper which mainly involves the use of cutting down of forest worth of trees.

The universal protective considerations to minimize the waste and harmful environmental effects bypasses some general precautions that include the recommendation of shredding the portions of the highly confidential information, establishing ground rules within the office for the careful use of the shredders by employees, and finally trying to attempt paperless policy such as preferred use of emails and scanning.

If shredding is an unavoidable option set the thickest width of the paper shredder through which the paper fiber remains intact and information became illegible. Try using recycled paper in the first place so that the shredding won’t cause much damage.

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