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Paper shredders range from being “best heavy-duty home paper shredder” to “industrial paper shredder machine”. The properly reviewed and reliable products can be:

In a world where any leakage in personal information can lead up to serious damage to a person, mentally, and at the professional level. Also, the need to throw off any junk paper containing any personal information is constant.

In such a case, one needs to make sure the proper disposal of one’s belongings and such a task is made easy with the use of paper shredders.

Paper shredders are now range in great variety and hence the Best Heavy-Duty Paper Shredders 2022 needs to be listed for the convenience of one who is looking for it. Listed products add to personal convenience both in use, maintenance, size, and warranty.

My Top Pick:

The top-rated and top pick stands for the name of shredder which handles the premium efficiency in terms of all the specs and features offered by various models. Bonsaii C149-C is a versatile use shredder that is top-rated due to the fact that it offers long run time and can shred 18 pages per slot.

The device is backed up with positive and satisfactory feedback which places the product in its ideal buying position. The unit offers a cross-cut type of shred with a stripe size of 0.2 x 0.57” which is maximum security for a cross-cut heavy-duty shredder. The device is ranked as a top seller and offers a 1-year warranty.

Best Heavy-Duty Paper Shredders


Image Item Name Details   Price
Bonsaii C149-C Bonsaii C149-C Time: 60 Minutes
Type: Cross Cut
Bin Size: 6 Gallons
Papers Per Minute: 18 Pages
Warranty: 1 Year
Strip Size: 0.2 x 0.57″
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Fellowes 79ci Fellowes 79CI Time: 20 Minutes
Type: Cross Cut
Bin Size: 6 Gallons
Papers Per Minute: 16 Pages
Warranty: 2 Year
Strip Size: 0.16 x 1.5″
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Fellowes 99ci Fellowes 99CI Time: 30 Minutes
Type: Cross Cut
Bin Size: 9 Gallons
Papers Per Minute: 18 Pages
Warranty: 2 Year
Strip Size: 0.15 x 0.5”
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Fellowes W11c Fellowes W11C Time: 5 Minutes
Type: Cross Cut
Bin Size: 4.75 Gallons
Papers Per Minute: 11 Pages
Warranty: 5 Year
Strip Size: 0.16 x 1.38″
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Amazonbasics AmazonBasics Time: 10 Minutes
Type: Cross Cut
Bin Size: 5.7 Gallons
Papers Per Minute: 12 Pages
Warranty: 1 Year
Strip Size: 0.15 x 0.46”
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Let’s move to the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Bonsaii C149-C: (All-Rounder)

Bonsaii C149-C

Bonsai C149- C is ranked as a durable machine for performing its heavy-duty services and versatility. The device can be used as an industrial paper shredder machine as well as the best heavy-duty paper shredder for home use which is the main reason for its quality of versatility.

The unit is equipped with advanced technology which made it easy to use and high performance. Furthermore, the device offers prolonged durability by its promising working and guaranteed warranty for 1 year.


Bonsaii C149-C heavy-duty paper shredder machine offers quality and numerous attractive and advanced features which are essentials for the easy use of shredder and getting it ranked upon best heavy-duty home paper shredder.

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The unit can work up to 60 minutes and take 18 sheets at a time which fastens up the work of shredding.

The paper got cut in the size of 1/5” x 1-50/87” which guarantees the proper disposal of confidential information.

The collecting bin capacity is 6 gallons with a transparent window helping in showcasing the need to throw out the tiny particles of paper. The noise level it offers is 62dB which is silent enough to not cause disturbance around.

The overheat and overload protection are in-built in the unit assuring the long life of the shredder. This heavy-duty paper shredder machine size at 14.2 x 11.2 x 21.5 inches offers easy storage.


The final verdict stands in the favor of the product as it fulfills every requirement which ranks it up to best heavy-duty paper shredder for home use as well as a reliable industrial paper shredder machine.

2.) Fellowes 79ci: (Durable)

Fellowes 79ci

The Fellowes 79CI is home office customized and it’s easy to use. An efficient best heavy-duty home paper shredder machine that offers quiet operation.

The jam-proof system assures the jam and resistance-free shredding for easy and smooth working.

The device can shred staples, credit cards, CDs, and DVDs other than paper. The unit is an ideal choice for small businesses and that of easy home use.


Fellowes 79CI is a suitable match for the best heavy-duty paper shredder for home use and adds up to customers’ satisfaction and reduces its investing time by increasing the efficiency of shredding 16 pages at a time.

The unit shreds off the input into tiny particles of size 0.16 x 1.5” confining the valuable information.

Offers a jam-proof system and advanced safety by sensing the paper input and starting right away. It works with minimal noise levels. The bin capacity is that of 6 gallons for easy one-time disposal.

The product size is 21.31 x 15.38 x 10.44″ which is easy to store. The unit offers a prolonged warranty of 2 years which is reliable enough for a long time.


The device even though offers a compact frame but provides powerful working. This shredder is ideal for in-home use and small-scale usage. The device offers protection against your fingers making it user-friendly. If you are looking for easy to use and sensitive shredder, Fellowes 79CI stands for the best heavy-duty paper shredder reviews for home use.

3.) Fellowes 99ci: (Heavy Duty)

Fellowes 99ci

Ultra-efficient and clean jam-free Fellowes 99CI works with small scale and office usage medium of environment.

The device is ranked for its instant speed working mechanism as the best heavy-duty paper shredder machine and carrying on larger space bin for easy one-time disposal.

The jam-free operation helps with a smooth and steady flow of the machine. The unit offers advanced safety, quiet operation, and 2 years long warranty.


Fellowes 99CI offers a reliable rank for heavy-duty paper shredder reviews as it offers promising features to its customers.

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Offers 18 pages input at a time with a large capacity bin of whooping 9 gallons for easy disposal of a large amount of paper and other non-paper material like that of CDs, DVDs, credit cards, staples, etc. Furthermore, the indicator light helps in representing the bin full usage.

The confidential information is disposed of properly in the size of 5/32” x 1-1/2”. The unit works with SilentShred technology and a thermal detector for safe usage.

The product size has the dimensions of 17.31” x 11.44” x 25.19” which doesn’t consume most of the place around. The device guarantees 2 years of warranty and easy usage.


If you are looking for a heavy-duty paper shredder machine that is user-friendly and contains large enough bin space with efficient time taking work, Fellowes 99CI is the best heavy-duty home paper shredder.

4.) Fellowes W11c: (Best Price)

Fellowes W11c

Fellowes W11C is a device that is user-friendly when it comes to use in homes. The device offers a pet and child security lock as it highlights this feature due to in-built sharp blades and tools.

The unit can be trusted with sensitive confidential information disposal due to its heavy-duty shredding and safe use. The device is pocket-friendly and offers durability.


Fellowes attain numerous features that add up to their qualities and reliability. The device is easy and safe to use in terms of the confidential disposal of documents.

Also, it allows 11 pages per shred with converting them into the size of 0.16 x 1.38″, remaining nothing but tiny particles. It rearranges the folded or crumpled paper itself without getting interrupted.

The capacity of the bin is 4.75 gallons which can attain a considerable amount of disposal at a single time.

The product distinguishes due to its affordable price which helps with the easy attainability of the model. The safety lock adds to its promising feature by locking the device when not in use and preventing any accidents to occur.

The product dimensions are 18.00 x 13.75 x 8.50″, making it easy storage. The durability of the product is backed up by its 3 years long guaranty which is also an addition to its lower price feature.


Looking for an affordable yet good heavy-duty paper shredder that offers a remarkable, safe, and efficient performance, Fellowes W11C is an ultimate choice for a heavy-duty paper shredder machine. The device also highlights its importance due to its long warranty period and safety lock which increases its safety.

5.) Amazonbasics: (Precise)


AmazonBasics 12-Pages shredder with micro-cut type offers high security and thus is suitable for usage in offices, homes, or meetings. The device is specially designed for trashing out highly confidential information and data.

This is ranked for its reliable performance as that of a heavy-duty paper shredder machine. It chops a lot of paper and non-paper products in no time with optimal accuracy. This floor-standing device offering easy mobility guarantees 1 year of unquestionable service.


AmazonBasics 12-Sheet High-Security shredder is the best industrial paper shredder machine that enables the shredding of 12 pages per slot. The 9 inches slot helps in the shredding of DVDs and CDs.

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The machine is able to cut the paper into strips of 5/32 by 15/32 inches of micro-cut which provides complete and utmost security. The device is trusted for the easy disposal of confidential records and important documents.

The pull-out bin capacity is 5.7 gallons which provides a larger room and minimal removal of the basket to get it emptied.

This heavy-duty paper shredder machine comes with wheels that ease out the portability of the device. The device comes up with dimensions 10.24 x 14.17 x 20.04 inches and easy storage. The device offers 1 year of warranty.


For heavy-duty paper shredding and high-security assurance, the device AmazonBasics 12-sheets shredder mark its way clearly. The micro-cut type offers complete disposal of all the information that ever stands. The device offers safe and easy use including efficient and clean working.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is The Best Heavy-Duty Paper Shredder?

BONSAI I C149-C makes its clear significant position over all the heavy-duty paper shredder as it surrounds all the working areas of the office, home, industrial area, and meetings. The unit offers the longest running time of 60 minutes continuously.

What Type Of Heavy-Duty Shredders Is Best For Confidential Documents?

The best heavy-duty paper shredders in the UK offer the minimal size of the paper strips that are then unattainable or restored. The AmazonBasics 12-sheet shredder stands for its precise accuracy.

Is Micro-Cut Shredder Better Than Crosscut?

A Micro-cut shredder is better than a cross-cut as it has a more significant small size to offer when shredding off the paper.

What Is The Best Heavy-Duty Shredder To Buy?

The best heavy-duty shredder to buy offers easy and safe usage, precise in its cut type, efficient working time, heavy-duty load management, and affordable.

How Long Should A Shredder Last?

A typical shredder lasts for a year and so, but the competitors in the market are able to prolong the average time of 2 years.

What Causes A Paper Shredder To Stop Working?

When there is an unusual stuck-up of paper or any other material inside the slot, that is why the jam-free system is introduced for the easy and smooth working of the shredder.

Buyers Guide

The following features are to be considered when making a decision for a long time wisely invested heavy duty paper shredder.

Running Time:

The running time is one of the major factors contributing to the efficiency of the product as the longer the running time is offered by the shredder, the quicker the work can be done.


The bin capacity is related to the maintenance of the device as the larger the capacity; the lesser the bin is replaced and the lesser the customer has to keep the check for disposal of residual.

Shred Size:

The strip and shred size are directly related to the accuracy of disposal of the paper and other non-paper items. The smaller the measurement the product offers; the smaller the paper particles are and less fear of retaining any of the information from the shredded paper.


The efficiency is promised with the restarting period of the device after use. The shorter the restarting period, the more the product can be utilized.


The quality product offers a longer warranty as it is initially built with effort and precision.
Size Of The Product: The size of the product helps in the sorting of storage problems of the product. Generally, the heavy-duty paper shredders are made smaller so that it can be easy to carry them wherever they are required.

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