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How to choose a Paper Shredder

The prevailing demand for paper shredders has led its manufacturers to upgrade its use with more efficient performance and safety features. For choosing a paper shredder, the specs and features are necessary to look at. 

Set your security standards to look for the paper shredder. The general and low-level security shredder is a reliable option for individuals who shreds the paper in strip-cut shape with 40 to 50 strips per standard letter size. The strip-cut shredders are affordable in general and suit the requirement of individuals.

For a mid-range security shredder, the cross-cut paper shredder is an absolute fit with shredding the standard letter size paper into 200 small square or circle pieces. It lowers the chance of retrieving back the information and frequent visits in attempts to empty the bin.

The super cross-cut paper shredder is yet another sub-category for disposing of confidential information as it produces 400 small pieces of standard letter size paper.

For assuring maximum high-level security, micro-cut paper shredders are recommended as they produce 13000 tiny pieces of paper. It is considered the best type of paper shredder with the protected risk of getting classified information stolen.

The micro-cut paper shredder is popular with large corporations and government agencies. The up-gradation of micro-cut paper shredders yields the creation of a super micro-cut paper shredder that results in 62000 pieces.

For seeking affordability, the shredders of various categories provide you with an open and accessible window of options. The smaller versions of the high-level ranges are affordable within the range of $100 and $200.

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The other dimension for choosing a paper shredder lies within the category of advanced features. For instance, the speed of the paper shredder might entertain your needs and hence, therefore, provide you with a clear view. The ideal home shredders can shred 5 to 12 sheets of paper within the time bracket of 2 to 8 minutes.

For commercial use, heavy-duty shredders with a continuous running time of 45 minutes and 13 to 38 papers at a time can be an addition. With speed, look out for your daily usage as well, in this way you can get to invest in a med-level yet affordable paper shredder. The capacity of the paper shredder can determine the efficiency of the shredder with anti-jam features and offer a prolonged warranty.

It is advisable to make safety and warranty priority with noise-canceling features as well especially when the paper shredder has to be placed at home. In this, your neighbors and you can enjoy your respective work in peace.

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