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Tips for Cleaning Your Paper Shredder

For cleaning paper shredders, it is needed to understand that each of the models has different manufacturing and requirements and requires different handling. As the cross-cut model produces shredded strips, micro-cut models provide shredding in the form of ting bits of particles and hence lessens the visits to empty out the trash bin.

The cleaning of the paper shredders is a necessary step in order to prevent unwanted jams. The recommended cleaning period lasts for a month but can vary on basis of usage. The cleaning process hence requires a careful procedure to follow which allows thorough cleaning of the machine. The first and foremost step includes unplugging from the power outlet that minimizes the unfortunate mishaps to occur.

Despite which kind of model, you are using, always read the instructions manual carefully so that you may get a head start on the cleaning process. Now, different models of paper shredders have different designs that allow the removal of shredding heads. Mostly, the top lifts off, but the manual helps you indicate which don’t. the lock mechanism is the second step to look into, which generally keeps the cutting section secure and intact. 

Another step focuses on the removal of the blade from the shredder. The blades of the shredders can be cleaned using tweezers, pliers, or screwdrivers. The larger remnants get to remove, but for smaller stuck particles, compressed air of tin blows away the residual. Next comes the interior and exterior frame of the machine that is needed to be clean for the presence of any link or remaining dust. 

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The cleaning methods range in variety for various models of paper shredders as mentioned earlier. One of the methods includes the use of water and dish soap. The cleaning cloth helps with efficient use of the mixture and leaves shredder which is a finishing polish. Another traditional cleaning method includes rubbing vinegar or alcohol with the help of a piece of fabric. The solvent is never supposed to be poured directly on the machine and requires a thorough wipe-off.

The last step of the cleaning process includes the lubrication of the shredder knives and blades. The shredder oil is a prior option for cleaning off the blades, but once finished, vegetable oil can be used as a substitute as well. The oiling of the blades prolongs machine use and hence, recommended to be oiled every time the bin is emptied. Lubricant sheets are another substitute for oil.

After cleaning, the shredder must be run with pieces of paper to remove excess oil residue.

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