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How Paper Shredder Works

The term “Pape Shredder” is itself a self-explanatory term meaning a device that offers a mechanized process of shredding confidential papers ensuring safe disposal of your confidential information. All of the shredders sort of build on a similar objective goal, yet they differ in the level of effectiveness and quality.

The working mechanism of the paper shredder is based on its categories which provide different output results. The two main types of paper shredders are strip-cut and cross-cut, also known as confetti-cut. The strip-cut which is further known as straight-cut or spaghetti-cut cuts the paper in a certain way to produce long strips of half or quarter inch with the length same as of the original document.

This shredder with its efficient blade assembling can handle high volume paper with the least maintenance requirement. However, it doesn’t offer the most secured disposal as paper strips can be reassembled and create a huge amount of waste. The cross-cut or confetti-cut papers shredders and called by the names of micro-cut or diamond-cut as well.

They provide the shredding services of cutting the paper horizontally and vertically and produce around 600 small shapes that include diamond, parallelogram, and regular geometric figures. These machines are built to provide the maximum-security level with an expensive price bracket range.

The produced confetti particles lessen the frequent trips for shreds disposal from the trash bin as the particle offer lesser surface area. The machines operate slowly to ensure maximum security.

The shredders advance according to various needs and include further types of shredding machines as well like grinders, pierce and tear paper shredders, disintegrators and granulators, hammermills, and particle-cut. The shapes of the confetti produced by various shredders include piercing and tearing of paper, smaller squares, and circles, powdered paper, etc.

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The different working mechanisms of the paper shredder can be categorized in terms of capacity and quality for personal use or small group of individuals that require to shredder of 200 papers a day, commercial need with higher volume and maximum-security assurance. The volume that a shredder can handle depicts its working criteria and hence relates it to its efficiency.

The shredder can work automatically and manually. The sensors within the shredders detect the intake in the insertion slot and automatically start the shredder to avoid any part of the paper being unattended. It then shreds the paper into fine quality confetti which is then discarded safely.

The manual shredder includes an on/off push button which is then started before inserting the paper that needed to be shredded.

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