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For time being, kitchen cabinets lost their elegance due to the accumulation of oils, heated surfaces, and low maintenance as they are usually placed near the kitchen ceiling. Buying new cabinets includes a ton of fittings and expenses.

In case of damaged paint, kitchen cabinets can be repainted by the users. But are they easy to paint professionally and how to paint kitchen cabinets one might ask? A simple procedure is explained below with easy steps to follow.


A diligent plan of prepping the kitchen always results in a skillful paint job. The kitchen and the cabinets must be emptied, counters must be cleared from any placement, and freestanding appliances must be removed. To protect the counters and flooring from stains and mess, cover them with rosin paper and tape.

Mask the walls with newspaper and construct the work table containing tools and brushes. To paint the cabinets thoroughly, remove their shelves, drawers, and door from the hinge screws and place them away from the painting area.

Cleaning The Surfaces:

Before painting the cabinets, clean the surfaces with household cleaners to wipe out grime and accumulated dust. Once, all the surfaces of the cabinets are cleaned, wash them with water and wait for them to dry.

Priming The Kitchen Cabinets:

In the next step, prepare the cabinets to paint by priming them. In the case of cabinets containing heavy stains, use the stain-blocking primer that quickly dries to prepare the surface. In general, acrylic latex or oil-based primers can be used as well. Start brushing from the top to bottom and tip off with light brushing.

After the primer is completely dry, flatten the surface by sanding it with the help of 220-grit paper. In the case of profiled surfaces, sand them with a medium-grit sanding sponge that smooths out the surface effectively.

Filling In Seams:

If there are any open seams, squeeze in a thin bead of latex caulk to fulfill them. Start pulling the tip and smooth it out with the help of a damp finger. This can be used to smooth a putty knife, scratches, dings, or dents. After leaving it for 60 minutes to dry, sand the surface again and wipe the dusted material with a cloth.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets:

It’s time to paint! Apply double coats if the paint is thin or else a single coat is sufficient. If the kitchen cabinets are painted with a darker shade earlier, changing it to the lighter shade may require 3 coats, each with the use of a new brush. Apply from top to bottom and tip-off. After the paint dries out, sand the surface smoothly and clean the debris. Screw back the drawers, doors, and shelves back after prepping, priming, and painting them separately.

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