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Repainting your car can be done professionally but it can cost you more money than the task done on your own. Painting a car requires a solid technique and good practice so that the task can be done effectively. So, how to paint your car on your own? The process is explained by the following procedure that includes steps from prepping up the car to reaching a certain finish look.

Prepping Of The Car:

The workplace for skillfully painting the car must be well-ventilated, contains minimal dust, be well-lit, and large enough so that the painter can move around the vehicle while painting. 

Take serious safety precautions by using necessary materials such as a sprayer, sanding tools, primer, and safety equipment. The next step is to choose the most accurate color match. This can be found by analyzing the color code. Take this color code to the nearest retailer and find the perfect match. If you are unable to find an accurate color, you can contact the manufacturer to seek alternatives.

Sanding And Wiping:

Smooth the rough surfaces of the paint by sanding it. Sanding can be done after snapping off the trim pieces and removing the rust gently. Sanding can create visible dust that should be removed by dampened rags or cloth with the paint thinner, denatured alcohol, or mineral spirits.

Masking And Taping The Car Parts:

Once your car is prep for painting, cover all the areas that aren’t meant to be painted by taping or masking that area. Before priming the car, practice your spraying technique on sheet metal or a scrap door.

This enables you to set the accurate measure of compressed air and spray intensity for primer. Maintain a consistent distant sweeping motion while you are spraying. After priming the whole car, let the primer cure for 20 to 60 minutes and repeat the process 1 or 2 times.

Priming And Painting:

For painting the primed car, practice the paint spray on the scrap material to hold professional control over the spray direction and application. Use side-to-side motion while working from the top to bottom direction.

A single paint coat can take 20 to 60 minutes to properly set on the surface of the car. Add further 3 to 4 coats with proper curing and setting time. For storing the paint sprayer, clean it thoroughly after completing the paint coats.

After applying the final paint coat, wait for at least 1 hour. Sand the surface slightly to remove any uneven texture and then wipe off the powder residue with wet sandpaper. Spray on a clear 1 or 2 coats of lacquer for a glossy finish.

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