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Vacuum cleaners have made our lives easier due to their quality and reliable features. It then extends its use when it comes to further cleaning of different floors and areas. The vacuums are now purpose-specific excelling their working performance according to their recommended use.

The Most Powerful Stick Vacuum is a lightweight cleaning system vacuum with incredible suction power and dirt removal. The following guide provides top-notch quality stick vacuums that help in the thorough cleaning of the house.

Things To considering Before Buy!

Stick Vacuums need some basic research when it comes to their purchase. Things that need to be considered before buying are as follows:

Quality: The quality matters a lot when it comes to sticking vacuums. The quality is related to suction power and to which extend it captures dirt particles.

Warranty: The warranty backups the quality of vacuums as to which extend, they are reliable and provides incredible cleaning.

Run Time: The run time basically helps in faster and powerful cleaning around. Longer the run time the vacuum offers, better the cleaning experienced is held by one.

My Top Pick:

Dyson has always made its prominent marketplace when it comes to the reliability and quality of its vacuums. Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute is a top-rated example of the best stick vacuum that one can buy without a doubt.

Most Powerful Stick Vacuum

It is the far most reliable vacuum that provides an optimal cleaning system and promising run time. It is back up with 2 years of warranty with technical support.

Image Item Name Details   Price
Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Dyson Cyclone V10
Surface Recommendation: Hard Floor
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Weight: 5.88 Pounds
Warranty: 2 Years
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Shark Ion F80 Shark ION F80 Surface Recommendation: Hard Floor, Carpet
Runtime: 80 Minutes
Weight: 8.51 Pounds
Warranty: 7 Years
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Shark Ion P50 - Ic162 Shark ION P50 – IC162 Surface Recommendation: Hard Floor, Carpet, Dual Action
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Weight: 12 Pounds
Warranty: 5 Years
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Philips-Speedpro-Max Philips Speedro
Surface Recommendation: Hard Floor, Carpet, Dual Action
Runtime: 65 Minutes
Weight: 6 Pounds
Warranty: 2 Years
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Shark-Apex-Duoclean Shark Apex
Surface Recommendation: Carpet
Runtime: Till plugged in
Weight: 0.48 Pounds
Warranty: 5 Years
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Let’s move to the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute:

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute is one of the modernly equipped stick vacuums that have cyclonic technology and mechanism. The stick vacuum helps with easy cleaning due to its lightweight which helps with informal lifting.

The large size dust bin capacity comes with easy cleaning and has 3 power modes. It has 2 main cleaning heads which function to increase the performance of the stick. The unit is back up by a warranty of 2 years.


Dyson is among best vacuum cleaners which function for optimal cleaning system. the stick is relatively taller with the length of 49.2 inches when assembled, this then helps with hard to reach areas with greater efficiency.

It can also be converted to a hand vacuum when the stick is bend. the running time is 60 minutes which is more than most of the stick vacuums to increase the effectiveness.

The 3 power modes offer different running times; the suction mode 1 offers 40 minutes time with the fade-free brush, second suction mode consists of 20 minutes working with torque cleaner head, and suction mode 3 which is labeled as Max suction mode; offers 60 minutes of cleaning time.

The box included Charging cable, docking station, Soft roller cleaner head, Motorized brush roll, Combination tool, Crevice tool, Mini dusting brush, Mini-motorized tool.

Tabular Specification:

Dyson Cyclone V10 Specification
Digital MotorYes
Bin Capacity0.76 Liters
Power Modes3
Hepa FiltrationYes
Crevice ToolYes
Mini Motorized BrushrollYes
Docking StationYes
Warranty2 Years
Charge Time 3.5 Hours
Weight5.88 Pounds
Product Dimensions 9.84 x 10.08 x 49.17 Inches

What We Like
  • Incredible suction power and cleaning
  • Reliable and excellent battery life
  • Good size bin offers easy cleaning
What We Don't Like
  • Can only be charged by a single battery
  • Load on the max mode of working
  • Expensive stick vacuum


Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute provided reliable cleaning experience with its cyclonic technology which is further made effective due to 3 power modes. A great investment regarding efficient cleaning experience.

2.) Shark Ion F80:

Shark Ion F80

Powerful Shark ION F80 is a cordless suction stick vacuum that provides thorough cleaning of the house as it is powered by 2 lithium-Ion removable batteries. MultiFlex Technology enables detailed cleaning around and underneath furniture.

DuoClean technology easily removes dirt particles and debris from carpet and hard floors. It provides the option to get converted into a hand vacuum with a dirtbag capacity of 0.3 liters. The unit is back up with 7-long years of limited warranty.


Cordless stick vacuums that are enabled to clean both hard floors and carpets are a tricky business to get done. Shark Ion F80 provides an optimal solution of cleaning both the surfaces effectively and with detailed sweeping.

It offers 69 Decibels of Noise level which is quiet and non-disturbing with 80 minutes of running time.

The foam and felt filter type of filtration helps in cleaning the air which is getting in and out making it dirt free to breathe.

The MultiFlex Technology enables the bending of the stick allowing easy vacuuming without getting into the trouble of having backache.

The 2 modes of suction power include ION Power and ION Boost. The box includes few additional accessories which are 2 rechargeable batteries, a charging cable, a charging dock, a crevice tool, and an upholstery nozzle.

Tabular Specification:

SHARK ION F80Specification
Digital MotorYes
Bin Capacity0.3 Liters
Noise Level69 DB
Multiflex Technology Yes
Hand-VAC ModeYes
Filter TypeFoam And Felt Filter
Mini Motorized BrushrollYes
Docking StationYes
Charge Time 3.5 Hours
Warranty7 Years
Weight8.51 Pounds
Product Dimensions 13.4 L X 10.24 W X 45.98 H

What We Like
  • Incredibly powerful suction and cleaning
  • Lightweight construction and headlights enabled
  • Removable batteries that can extend its life
  • Multi-Flex wand for easy cleaning underneath furniture
What We Don't Like
  • Bulky and tiresome to use hand-vac
  • Doesn’t consist of HEPA filter
  • Difficult to use on carpets


Prolong run time back up with 2 powerful batteries and MultiFlex Technology enables top-notch cleaning performance with the reliable working of the vacuum.

3.) Shark Ion P50 – Ic162:

Shark Ion P50 - Ic162

Shark Ion P50- IC162 is a whole-home cleaning vacuum system that provides the removal of pet hair, dirt particles, debris, and tough messes.

It is an upright vacuum with a large capacity dirtbag and cordless system that enables its maneuverability around. The vacuum is powered by replaceable batteries. It offers 2 rolls of motorhead which offers thorough cleaning and it is better than equipped with one brush to clean.

The stick vacuum has a HEPA filter that captures all the allergens from the air making it allergen-free air to breathe. The unit offers 5 years of warranty.


Shark Ion P50- IC162 is a lightweight vacuum with a detachable lift away canister. DuoClean Technology offers a dual brush roll system with soft bristles to clean around.

The Triple Particle Cleaning enables tackling three different types of dirt particles on the floor which involve large, small, and stuck on types. The dirtbag capacity of 0.6 liters helps in easy cleaning without getting full in a short time of usage.

The battery helps in providing a running time of 50 minutes with a lift-away wand or with suction handle. 30 minutes of the running time is offered on hard floors, 18 minutes on the ION boost, and 28 minutes when its clean carpets.

The box comes with accessories of Duster Crevice Tool, ION Power Core Charging Cradle, Upholstery Tool, Dusting Brush, ION Power Core Charger, and the removable ION Power Core Battery.

Tabular Specification:

SHARK ION P50 - I C162Specification
Digital MotorYes
Bin Capacity0.6 Liters
Hepa FiltrationYes
Multiflex Technology No
Hand-VAC ModeYes
Pet Multi Tool Yes
Mini Motorized Brushroll Yes
Docking StationYes
Charge Time 3.5 Hours
Warranty5 Years
Weight12 Pounds
Product Dimensions 10.24 x 12.45 x 44.8 Inches

What We Like
  • Cordless operation for easy maneuverability
  • Offers Triple Particle Cleaning
  • Equipped with LED lights and HEPA filter
What We Don't Like
  • No special space to store tools onboard
  • Doesn’t offer adjustable suction power


Shark Ion P50- IC162 is an excellent vacuum cleaner that has HEPA filter and Three Particle Technology that left no dirt particle in the air or floor.

4.) Philips Speedpro Max:

Philips Speedpro Max

Philips SpeedPro Max provides edge to edge cleaning due to its 360-degree nozzle. The installed LED Lights helps in exploring the area for dirt, debris, and pet hair. The vacuum is handy and easy to assemble and use. the digital display helps in indicating the battery percentage which is left.

It is a lightweight vacuum system with a thorough cleaning from the edges. It has 2 years warranty.


The dirt collector can be easily removed or flap opened to throw the dirt directly into the bin. The LED lights installation helps in better examining of cleaning place to assure that no dirt is left behind.

The two suction nozzles provide edge cleaning and exceptionally good cleaning results are obtained through this.

The lithium battery enables 65 minutes to run time for easy and whole-house cleaning. The decibel level of 84 decibels is slightly noisy.

The box includes an AC power adaptor, Integrated brush, Wall-mount docking, Additional nozzle: Motorized Turbo Brush, and Standard nozzle.

Tabular Specification:

PHILIPS Speedpro MAXSpecification
Digital MotorYes
Bin Capacity0.6 Liters
Noise Level72 DB
Multiflex TechnologyNo
Hand-VAC ModeYes
Nozzle 360° Suction Nozzle LED Light Enabled
Power Control 3-Speed
Docking StationYes
Charge Time 5 Hours
Warranty2 Years
Weight8.51 Pounds
Product Dimensions 23 x 41.5 x 12 cm

What We Like
  • Glides well on carpet and hard floors
  • Battery level indicator
  • LED lights to help seek dark areas
  • Offers large capacity dirtbag
What We Don't Like
  • Height is a little bit taller than usual
  • Can’t be propped up properly
  • Heavy and tiresome to hold


Wholesome and cleaning experience is provided with the usage of Philips SpeedPro Max. the unit provides reliable cleaning and durable performance.

5.) Shark Apex Duoclean:

Shark Apex Duoclean

The most innovative vacuum model by Shark is Shark Apex DuoClean with Zero M technology. DuoClean technology helps in deep cleaning of carpets and engaging with the hard floor directly with the help of two Brushrolls.

The zero M technology helps self-cleaning of vacuum constantly removing hair. Advanced swivel technology keeps its maneuverability easy. It is back up with 5 years of warranty.


Bagless and lightweight Shark Apex DuoClean is an allrounder that cleans pet hair, dirt particles, debris, and allergens easily. The LED lights able the nozzle to clean through the area.

The dirtbag capacity of 0.8 liters holds all sorts of dirt long enough to wind up the whole cleaning process.

It can be turned in a hand vacuum other than a stick vacuum as well. The box includes a 12-inch crevice tool, an upholstery tool, a Pet Power brush, and an under-appliance wand.

Tabular Specification:

SHARK ION P50 - I C162Specification
Vaccum Type Upright
Bin Capacity 0.8 Liters
Bag Type Bagless
Filter TypeWashable HEPA + Foam Filters
Hand-VAC ModeYes
Cord Lenght 30 ft.
Mini Motorized Brushroll Yes
Duo Clean Yes
Led Lights On Floor Nozzle & Handle
Warranty5 Years
Weight0.48 Pounds
Product Dimensions 11.2 L X 12.2 W X 46 H

What We Like
  • Top-notch cleaning performance
  • LED lights help with a thorough cleaning
  • Offers large capacity dirtbag and excellent at picking pet hair
What We Don't Like
  • Hard to clean stairs
  • Not best for maximum reach


Shark Apex DuoClean is an excellent choice for a home stick vacuum that enables easy cleaning and reliable working performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Stick Vacuum Has The Best Suction?

The best suction is provided by a number of vacuums that are Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute, Shark Ion F80, Shark Ion P50, Philips SpeedPro Max, and Shark Apex DuoClean.

What Is The Most Powerful Corded Stick Vacuum?

Shark Apex DuoClean is the most powerful corded stick vacuum that provides thorough and reliable cleaning of all sorts of surfaces.

Is Dyson Better Than A Shark?

Shark and Dyson have a comparable and incredible feature that assures reliable cleaning. Dyson is better than a shark in a number of features and qualities.

What Is The Lightest Most Powerful Vacuum Cleaner?

Shark Apex DuoClean is the lightest most powerful vacuum cleaner that provides easy maneuverability and thorough cleaning.

Buying Guide

The buying guide is essential that helps in easy compare and listing of things. The factors that are important to consider are:


The capacity of a dirt unit or bag determines the frequency in need to empty the bag for another round of cleaning. Larger the capacity, the larger the running time.


Efficiency is related to the cleaning performance of a vacuum to which extends its overall features to help to get the work done.

Suction Power:

The suction power is related to the powerful removal of dirt particles from the surface and air. The greater the suction power, the more powerful cleaning can be done.

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