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Molly Mae is a professional model, influencer, and vlogger who has millions of fans following and vlogs about your luxurious lifestyle and day-to-day activities.

The quality of the videos is always crystal-clear and brilliant that sparking the question about what vlogging camera does Molly Mae uses?

What Vlogging Camera Does Molly Mae Use?

The fans and the reporters decided on this question and mark Canon EOS M200 that is used by Molly Mae for vlogging and YouTubing.

Canon EOS M200 Camera:

Canon EOS M200 is equipped with the advanced level CMOS sensor for smooth delivery of 2160p 30FPS video and 24.1MP pictures. The large-sized lens captures more natural light to brighten up the images and produces clearer, brighter, and vivid quality capture.

The lens hood protects the filter and lens from damage and increases the overall color and contrast performance that is essential for amateurs and beginners. This digital camera Canon EOS M200 is equipped with a rechargeable microphone with X-Y stereo pickup technology that results in stable and clear sound with a low-cut filter for reducing noise pollution.

The adjustable sensitivity system helps in the camera’s easy use for different occasions such as weddings, speeches, concerts, course records, and speeches as well. The camera can be controlled with a wireless remote connection and supports tripod compatibility as well.

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The multifunction feature of the camera is supported by one fully-charged battery that runs for straight 120 minutes and two rechargeable batteries to continue the work without getting interrupted for recharging.

The features such as anti-shake, built-in fill light, continuous shooting, face recognition, sharpness, sensitivity, exposure compensation, white balance, smile capture, and set time to provide the quality captures. Canon EOS M200 supports live streaming for social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

The mini-USB cable connections allow its compatibility with a computer to edit, share, and upload videos and pictures. The AVI cable allows its connection with television for sharing memorable moments with your family.

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