Norris Nuts is an international vlogging site that is run by four famous kids and hence has succeeded to get featured in traditional network television.

Their vlogging channel consists of comedic timing, cheeky nature delivery, and wit of four children named Sabre, Sookie, Biggy, and Naz poked fun at and with their father.

Camcorder Video camera:

The rumored use of the vlogging camera mainly points it out on Camcorder Video camera that is originally designed for you tubing, vlogging, and many more adventurous captures with its ultra-high-definition 24MP image pixels and 1080p video capture on 3 inches screen that supports rotation of 270-degree.

The installation of an external microphone with adopts X-Y stereo sound pickup technology and NCR design for noise reduction effectively improves the clear stereo quality and audio stability.

The camera can be used as a webcam by simply connecting it to the computer via USB cable, and provide HD video calls and easy sharing and editing of pictures and videos. Its pause function helps in saving all the data in a single file without restarting.

Through AV cable, the camera can also be connected with TV to share exciting times with your family that you record.

The vlogging cameras usually require a tripod connection as well and this camera is compatible with this connection. The remote-control connection works from a distance of 7 meters too for easy control without leaving your place. The tripod support allows shaking-free video recording and excludes the need for multiple people to help in setting up.

The camcorder allows you features such as anti-shaking, beauty face, face detection, smile capture, self-timer support, setting time, continuous shooting, and several other functions. It is backed up with a 1-year warranty and life-time customer support. This entire discussion hence sorts out the mystery of what vlogging camera does the Norris Nuts use.


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