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Origin Of Briggs And Stratton:

Ever since the World War II era, Briggs & Stratton generators gained success due to their war effort. The origin of the Briggs & Stratton was started in 1908 by Stephen F. Briggs and Harold M. Stratton. It gains popularity as a highly regarded brand that leads its expansion over 13 facilities alone present in the United States. The other 8 facilities can be found in 8 different regions of the world including Brazil, Australia, China, Netherlands, Canada, and Mexico.

The headquarters of the Briggs and Stratton generators is situated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with several service centers around the globe. Over 9 million engines are produced every year by its manufacturing facilities present in New York, Popular Bluff, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Murray, Auburn, Missouri, Munnsville, McDonough, and Statesboro. The generators offer high durability as it is carefully engineered and designed.


Generators are becoming a necessity due to sudden interruption of electricity or power outage. This leads to the requirement of a reliable substitute for electricity. Briggs & Stratton has gain popularity due to their quality and durable design under an affordable price range.

Their generators and models are designed to help in a variety of situations such as indoor daily usage, while traveling, camping, or powering up your RV. Their durability is back up due to their American-based production facility. Their testing facility is in six states with over 3000 employees working effectively and skillfully to produce each model with top-notch quality that offers high reliability.

Specs And Features:

Briggs & Stratton generators have specialized in high-quality, affordable, portable, bi-fuel LP, and NG generators. They are known for their large range of variety that fits everyone’s needs under suitable budget options. The generators offer protective yet powerful usage that lightens up your home, RV, any outdoor events, and much more. Their extended-time warranty backs up its durability and quality manufacturing.

Top Pick:

One of the top products offered by Briggs & Stratton is Briggs & Stratton P3000 Inverter Generator that includes LCD Display for a constant update about power usage and Quiet Power Technology enables silent to operate of generator with powerful starting watts of 3000 and 2600 Running Watts. It offers high portability making it RV-ready.

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