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Care Of Pets :

The pet owners are bound to look after their pets and all the associated products with them to achieve the ultimate care and nourishment of them. From caring about the pet feed to the use of professionally recommended shampoos, all the steps require the need to thoroughly check for the ingredients.

Dogs’ Coat And Skin :

The dog skin is its largest organ as anything that is used on the fur or skin of the dog gets absorbed by the body and affects them accordingly. The pet shampoos range in varieties in the market but not all of them are tested for authentic use. Does that mean a dog shampoo can be harmful? And if so, which dog shampoo is bad?

Good Or Bad Ingredients :

These concerns can be solved by looking for a simpler and easy solution of checking the ingredients in the shampoo. Ingredients can be good or bad. They can have the worst effect on your pet’s skin and eventually can harm them to the extent that they could need professional medical care.

Now, what are the ingredients that are needed to check off and excluded off the option of the pet shampoo that contains them? The list of the ingredients that are considered bad under litmus test research can be following.

Bad Ingredients :

Artificial fragrance is a by-product that can be formed from separate ingredients that couldn’t have been mentioned on the label and can cause cancer, further creating reproductive and developmental toxicity. The Phthalates are present in the shampoo where there is a mention of fragrance, that is as equally dangerous as it.

Artificial colors are generated from petroleum and can cause birth defects and damage. More ingredients that can cause serious and harmful effects on the skin and then on the body include Formaldehyde preservatives, Isothiazolinone preservatives, Paraben preservatives, Cocamide-MEA, Triethanolamine, Mineral oil, Polyethylene glycol, and Propylene glycol.

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