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Paint sprayers are efficient than those blow brushes and rollers. They produce high-quality finishing at an incredibly minimum time. But with quality features and advantages, there come problems when using paint sprayers.

They require maintenance, repairs, and troubleshooting as well. This is related to the query for why is my paint sprayer not working? The answer includes various factors that are needed to be examined.


Over spraying is associated with airless paint sprayers that make a lot of mess and waste of a significant quantity of the paint. They are designed to produce high pressure that breaks up the paint to hit the wall with its full potential force which in turn makes the paint unable to completely stick to the wall causing mess and waste.

However, this problem can be minimized by applying the appropriate amount of pressure to less allowable units. The pressure can be uniformed over the surface using various-sized tips and nozzles.


Fluttering happens with a loosely fit tip. The already-mounted paint in the tips can trigger the pressure and can result in losing control of the quality and direction of the paint. The ring can get clogged as well or can damage in between. It is important to fix the tip accurately before operating the spray paint.

Cracking And Uneven Surfaces:

While holding the sprayer too tight, it can produce cracks in the paint that gives an uneven and unfinished look. The user might relate the problem with the paint sprayer but the actual problem lies in the strength of the grip.

No Pressure

Paint sprayers can be out of pressure due to a clogged inlet screen and hence the suction tube can be immersed completely in paint. Check for the deeper problem by checking the inlet screen. If this isn’t the problem, then the suction tube may be causing interruptions. This can be resolved by fixing the tube to its unit tightly.

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