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Use Of A Firestick:

Firestick is an innovative invention that enables you to binge-watch your favorite content without physically moving from your place.

It is one of the popular technological innovations and provides great entertainment with portable devices when connected through an HDMI port. So, can you use a firestick on your laptop? Give it a read to find out.

Use Or Firestick On Laptop:

While carrying laptops everywhere you go and travel, taking along the firestick when it won’t connect simply doesn’t propose any purpose then. There do exist some common and minimal problems while connecting but it isn’t impossible to create a reliable connection between your laptop and the firestick.

Through the internet, the connection can be made and further possible hacks enable you to entertain yourself while on the go. 

HDMI Connection:

The process of connecting and using a firestick on a laptop can be a bit complex due to the HDMI connector. The HDMI connector present in both the firestick and the laptop is able of sending the signals but cannot accept them.

This problem is then resolved with the use of devices such as the Elgato HD60 S device and ViewHD splitter. This requires a USB 3.0 port for connection to the laptop. The firestick and the laptop can be connected in two possible ways. 

First Method To Use Firestick On Laptop:

The first method provides an ideal connection for Windows PC users and MacBook users with the OS version Sierra. The respective devices are needed to have a USB 3.0 port for establishing a reliable and accurate connection.

The use of Elgato HD60 S device takes the HDMI output from the devices to stream that content on the laptop via a USB-C port. 

The problem can persist while connecting the HDCP off the firestick which is an encryption protocol that is incorporated for protecting the digital content from any sort of illegal use. for this purpose, the ViewHD HDMI splitter helps in setting up the entire connection.

The signals of the firestick pass through the ViewHD HDMI splitter that removes the HDCP encryption and the Elgato HD60 S device sends the signal to the laptop.

Second Method To Use Firestick On Laptop:

When your laptop supports the HDMI input and output port, it doesn’t need any additional hardware device that can connect the firestick to the laptop. This kind of laptop provides easy streaming by directly connecting the firestick and the laptop. These laptops can be a bit expensive but reduce the overall cost of buying additional devices.

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