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A frozen screen can be frustrating. The screen can get freeze due to multiple reasons that result in still images, frozen mice, or delays in the loading of content.

This article explains how to unfreeze a mouse on laptop devices and for that the problem must be limited to the concern of frozen mice. The unfreezing of the mouse can be done simply by using keyboard keys and other easy substitutes.

How To Unfreeze A Mouse On Laptop Devices?

Restarting Laptop:

Start solving the problem by restarting your laptop. To restart the laptop which has a frozen mouse, press simultaneously the keys Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Next press ‘Alt + U’ and lastly, press ‘R’.

This will restart your laptop by resetting the wonky software or faulty drivers. If this doesn’t fix the problem, move on to the next methods.

Enable Trackpad:

To enable Trackpad, press the ‘FN’ key or tap the F5, F7, F8, or F9 keys. This range is supported by different manufacturers’ and needed to be disabled if isn’t in use so that it won’t reenable the trackpad when not required.

End Trackpad Software:

Sometimes the software of the trackpad can get crashed due to some reasons, ending it in the task manager, and then re-enabling the software might unfreeze the mouse on the laptop device.

For ending the trackpad software, press and then hold ‘Ctrl + Alt + Delete and use arrow pads so that you will select ‘Task Manager. Locate the software by arrow keys and press ‘E’ to end the task. Next, click the Alt + F so that you can open the File Menu and press the ‘N’ key to type the name of the software.

Update Trackpad Driver:

Other than the trackpad or software, the drivers may be faulty or out of date that needed to be upgraded for unfreezing the mouse. This can be done by pressing the Windows key. Type the ‘Mouse settings in the search bar after pressing ‘Enter’. For checking ‘Additional mouse options’, use ‘Tab’ following ‘Ctrl + Shift + Tab’ for navigating the ‘Hardware’ tab.

Use arrow keys to highlight the trackpad. Enter ‘Properties’ and navigate ‘Drivers’ by clicking ‘Ctrl + Shift + Tab’. Click ‘Tab’ for‘ Update Driver’ and press enter. Restart the laptop by clicking ‘Ctrl + Alt + Delete, ‘Alt + U’, and then ‘R’.

Run An Sfc Scan:

If nothing seems working, run a System File Checker or SFC which is a Windows feature to scan corrupted or missing files and then repair them. Press the Windows key, type ‘cmd’, type ‘SFC /scan now in the command window, and restart the laptop.

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