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Are you one of those people who are annoyed by the loss of their Vizio smart TV remote controller? Losing a smart TV like Vizio remote is a very troublesome situation as it can get your TV stuck in the same channel, at the same volume, and in even worst conditions you won’t be able to turn on your TV.

This will occur when you have put your smart Vizio TV on standby using the remote controller and then the remote has stopped working. 

Now you won’t be able to power on your TV as the remote controller is not in working condition. So, what to do to avoid the trouble? Undeniably the best bet is to get a new remote controller as it is a part and parcel of your TV streaming time and no trick or tip will prove to be a permanent solution. But what to do to immediately resolve the conflict or counterfeit the situation? 

For instance, imagine a situation where you had your smart Vizio TV running on 90 volume to listen to the NEWS from your balcony, and now your remote controller is either not working or not accessible. What will you do now? Let the TV be played at 90% volume even when you have come inside? Or turn it to a bearable level of audio intensity? 

Without a doubt, the appropriate choice will be to turn down the volume level. Similarly, you can’t keep on watching the NEWS for the whole day and would have to switch between the channel to watch some sports or entertainment media. But the question remains how can you do that without the remote control?

Find out the answer to your query and get out of this annoying situation immediately. You can switch between channels and change the volume levels of your Vizio smart TV even without using the remote. All you have to do is to keep reading our review article and get all of your queries resolved. 

How To Change Volume And Channel On Vizio TV Without Remote

Given below are three of the best alternatives to switching between channels and changing TV volume without the Vizio TV remote. 

  1. Using a Universal TV Remote in Place Of The Vizio TV Remote
  2. Using the On-Body Buttons Of Your Vizio Smart TV
  3. Using the Smartphone As A Remote Controller

All of these alternatives are safe and will provide immediate help to fix your issue. But you have to keep in mind that brand-provided products like the Vizio TV remote are the ideal solution for you and you should try to get a new Vizio TV remote as soon as possible. Until you get a new product, make do with the given alternatives to stream TV efficiently. 

1. Using A Universal TV Remote In Place Of The Vizio TV Remote:

Universal TV Remote is the best solution that will save you from many kinds of troubles with your TV. Most homes have at least one universal remote controller at home. this is because there are high chances that your home may have more than one brand of TV and a universal TV remote controller will be an ideal thing to keep for using it on all devices.  

The universal TV Remote controller is not only helpful in case of cross TV brand usage but you can also make it usable for changing volume and channels when you have lost your brand name remote controller such as Vizio TV Remote. 

There are plenty of high-tech universal remotes that promise durability, efficiency, and effective performance within a few bucks. The best among universal remotes are Harmony remotes and Logitech remotes. 

2. Using The On-Body Buttons Of Your Vizio Smart TV:

If you have a universal remote at home, it will be a great help and immediate solution for Vizio TV remote replacement but what to do if you don’t have one at home? buying a universal remote controller to replace the Vizio remote will be not very helpful if you are looking for an immediate fix. To get the problem quickly resolved, you can turn to the onboard TV buttons that are coming as hardware installation on your Vizio smart TV enclosure. 

The smart TVs are coming with onboard control buttons like Power, Volume UP/DOWN, and channel +/-.

Almost all TVs give a power button but not all TVs have volume and channel buttons. Although not all but most of the TVs like Vizio TV is coming with unit volume Up and Down buttons and the same is the case with channel up and down buttons. 

Although using these buttons is economical, it is not a very convenient solution. For example, you are watching your TV screen sitting on the couch but every time you have to change the channel you would have to approach the TV body and change it manually by pressing the Channel buttons on your TV unit.

Though this is an annoying and not very convenient solution it can be used quickly and will solve the trouble at hand without demanding any hardware to be bought. You can use this method to temporarily solve the problem and then get a new Vizio TV remote. 

3. Using The Smartphone As A Remote Controller:

If you are not satisfied with both of the aforementioned solutions then you can try to convert your smartphone into a remote controller. All you would have to do is to install the Vizio smart TV app on your android or iOS phone and then pair it with the Vizio smart TV using Bluetooth pairing. 

After that, you can use the app on your mobile to give commands to your Vizio TV such as changing channels, and increasing or decreasing the volume level. 

Final Words:

In this review article, you can read How To Change Volume and Channel on Vizio TV Without Remote? We have provided you with three affordable and effective alternatives to the Vizio TV remote. By using any of these solutions you can fix your problem and switch between channels and change your TV volume. 

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