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The market is flooded with HDTV-capable TVs that will help users in enjoying the high-definition broadcasts. The default sound of the HD broadcast in an HDTV is surround sound but since the common household TVs have only two speakers, the surround sound cannot become the reality for them.

To get the surround sound from the HDTV, one needs to have a 5.1 channel audio receiver. Most exquisite sound systems have this audio channel and therefore, give the cinematic-quality surround sound.

You can convert any HDTV sound into surround sound by connecting an audio receiver that is 5.1 channel capable. 

If you want to have surround sound with the full HD display then the Kenwood receiver can prove to be the best bet for you. Kenwood receivers are used for ages and are considered, durable, reliable, capable, efficient, and premium audio receivers. 

Most Kenwood audio receivers are 5.1 channel capable and will, therefore, give you the surround sound without any fault. Even if you don’t get your hands on a 5.1 channel capable Kenwood receiver, you can get the fuller sound that is given out by combining the output of two-channel audio will route it through the receiver and speakers. 

In a nutshell, you can simply install a stereo system or Kenwood receiver to your TV made by any manufacturer such as LG, Sony, Samsung, Vizio, Hisense, Panasonic, and the rest. The installation of this stereo system or Kenwood receiver will turn your TV into HDTV and it will be complemented with the surround sound without being mindful of the 5.1 channel audio preinstalled on your TV sets. 

Now that you are aware of the usefulness of connecting a Kenwood receiver, you would be interested in knowing how to do so? Isn’t it the case with you? Worry not! We are here to assist you in hooking up a Kenwood surround sound system for your TV.

For that purpose, all you have to do is to keep on reading our review article and get into detail about making the connection between the Kenwood receiver and your smart TV.

How To Connect A Kenwood Surround Sound System To TV?

For a smooth sailing connection between the Kenwood surround sound system and the TV you would require plenty of accessories that need to be mentioned here first before heading for the process. 

Getting Started

The things that one would be likely to use to connect a Kenwood surround system to a TV are:

  • Stereo RCA Cable (4 to 6 feet analog audio cable with mini-plug jacks).
  • HDMI Cables
  • AUX cables (audio cable with 3.5 mm jack on both terminals).

After obtaining all the required items you need to pay attention to the audio output ports on your TV and speakers. If your TV has an HDMI out port then you can use the HDMI Cables to mediate the connection between the TV and the speakers.

But if the output port is that of VGA type then you would need the VGA-specific wires. You can also use the HDMI to VGA converter to have one terminal with VGA output and the other one with the HDMI. 

  • You may also need a small flashlight that can be pretty handy to reach the dark corners behind your LED and the Kenwood surround sound system. 
  • Ensure that you are using the right cable for the right set of ports. And keep in your mind that you don’t have to buy all kinds of cables for all the available ports but rather a single cable that matches the ports on both your desired devices (TV and Kenwood receiver)

Now that you are ready with your gear, without any further ado, let us now proceed with How to connect a Kenwood surround sound system to TV.

How To Connect A Kenwood Surround Sound System To TV?

Given below are the six steps that will be mandatory to be taken for connecting your Kenwood receiver with the TV. Proceed with the steps strictly and systematically to avoid any complications with the process. 

Step # 1

Power OFF your TV and remove the power cable from the supply and the power outlet of the TV. Similarly, remove the power supply line of the Kenwood surround sound system.

Step # 2

Look for the Audio Out ports of your smart TV. This output port will be labeled as the “Audio Out” port and can be easily found on the rear panel of your TV. If you are not able to find out the location of the audio output ports on your TV, you can take assistance from the user’s manual and find out the specific location of all the audio input and output ports on the TV.

These ports will be of various shapes and specific for the cables that can be plugged into them for instance, if your TV set features a 2 port audio out port of Red and White then this is the RCA type audio out port where you can insert the Red and White RCA cables only. 

If the TV has a single audio output port of Orange appearance then it is designated to house the digital Coaxial cable. If you are curious about the Toslink cable, then you can find square-shaped audio out port on your TV.

Step # 3

After finding the specific audio out port and taking its appropriate cable you would have to simply plug the cable into the specific audio out port of the TV. For example, if your TV features two-port audio out then you can simply plug the red and white RCA cables into the red and white audio out ports respectively.

Step # 4

Now that the cables are inserted into the TV audio output ports, it is time to switch your attention to the Kenwood surround sound system. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the Kenwood receiver. That is to locate the specific audio out port and plug the appropriate cable into it.

Depending upon the version and age of the Kenwood surround sound system, you can find out either one or all three types of audio out ports.  Typically an AUX cable will be used for connecting the speakers with the TV.  If you are using the video input for your TV you can find the Video IN port. 

For instance, if you are using the Kenwood KR A5040 model then this device features two RCA audio out ports in Red and White designated as Video inputs. You can plug the RCA cables to complete the video input of your TV. 

Step # 5

Insert the second terminal of the Video input (that you have connected with your TV) to the receiver.

Step # 6

Now both audio and video connections to the TV and Kenwood receiver are completed. It is time to turn them ON again and for that purpose, you need to plug the power cables of both your TV and Kenwood receiver.

  • After powering them ON, open settings and go to the menu.
  • Go to audio settings.
  • Turn on the external speakers by toggling the switch towards the green area.
  • Now play some media on your TV ad see if the sound is coming out of the Kenwood surround sound system or not.

After following these 6 steps, your TV and Kenwood receiver have been connected and you can simply play the media on your TV to enjoy the cinematic full HD display of your HDTV with the surround sound system. 

Final Words:

Kenwood surround sound system or commonly known as the Kenwood receiver will provide the surround sound to HDTV broadcasts and it can be easily connected to the TV using the output ports on your TV and the input ports of the speakers. 

After deciding on the specific type of port located on your TV and receiver, you just have to hook up the Audio Out port of your TV to the Audio input of your Kenwood receiver. Make sure to use the appropriate cables for the ports. After inserting the cables, plug back the power supply and turn on your devices to enjoy the HD broadcast with the much-desired surround sound. 

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