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Connecting Ps3:

PlayStation 3 or PS3 are largely recognized when it comes to PlayStation games. The subsequent PS4 launch is phasing out the PS3 in terms of game-centric interface and making it difficult to search for the headphones. There few options with Bluetooth headphones that allow reliable connections and needed to know how to connect Bluetooth headphones to PS3.

Pairing Up Bluetooth Headphones:

On the PS3 console, open its settings and click on Accessory Settings. Next, click on the “Manage Bluetooth devices” available in the choices and pair up a connected device that appears in the list. If the device isn’t connected in advance, choose “Pair New Device” and click on the new device that is already registered.

For registering a device, choose the option of yes to continue and register one device at a time. A new device will only be registered when the older device will be unregistered.

Scan To Connect With Ps3:

After pairing the headphones, press the button till the PS3 will be scanned. After thorough scanning and attaching the PS3 with the headphone for reliable connection, enable the default password that is generally 0000 or 1234. The Bluetooth headphone may consist of its specific password that can be confirmed by consulting the instructional manual. After successful pairing, a confirmation message will be received.

Configuration Of The Headphone:

In the next step, configure the headphone to ensure proper functioning. Go on the PS3 “Setting” and look for Audio Settings and then Audio Device Settings. Next, look for the “Input Device” and confirm it in the settings.

Here, the configuration of the input will be completed. Scroll the list of the available devices to find the Bluetooth headphone. This enables the connection as it will able to listen to the voices that are intended to be heard by other players. Confirm the output device through the same procedure and speak to check the results and connection.

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