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Vizio Soundbar features a flexible connectivity range that allows it to be paired with smart TV devices either using the HDMI cable or optic fiber cables. Although the process of establishing a connection between the Vizio Soundbar and Samsung smart TV may seem confusing, it is quite simple to connect the two devices.

Vizio Soundbar features powerful crisp clear audio that will prove to be a great value pack for entertainment and streaming. To complement this great entertainment package Samsung smart TV proves to be the best option.

Having a smart TV screen coupled with the quality Soundbar will give you glimpses of a cinematic experience with high definition display and Dolby Atmos surround system-like audio experience.

Thinking about this gives you chills.

If that is true then you can move forward with this much-thought-out scenario and grab your luck by having both devices at hand. If you want to achieve this cinematic experience at home you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune to buy a home theater or a 4k HD screen.

You can simply purchase a smart TV that will give you the best of both worlds.

Perks of A Smart Screen With Crisp Clear Audio

Smart TV screens are power-packed gadgets that have combined the goodness of android devices with entertainment media. You can use the device as a smart screen for watching a movie and can also couple it with Chromecast to play your smartphone media.

Thus smart TV screens will be a treat for the eyes and a blessing for the pockets. Now that you are familiar with the significance of a smart tv screen you must be accustomed to the hype of Samsung in electronic appliances. Samsung is the unrivaled South Korean brand that is leading the world of electronics with its beyond-the-imagination modern-day smart tools and devices.

How To Connect Vizio Soundbar To Samsung TV

We have researched far and wide to come up with this exclusive review about how to connect Vizio Soundbar to Samsung TV?

The two of the most widely used methods of connecting Vizio Soundbar and Samsung TV are as mentioned below:

  1. Using HDMI cable
  2. Using Optical cable

Now, let’s dig deep into the details of these methods to make you aware of how to connect Vizio Soundbar to Samsung tv.

1. Connecting Vizio Soundbar Using an HDMI Cable

HDMI is the standard connectivity port that is an essential part of all conventional and modern devices. You can easily find an HDMI port in a Laptop PC MacBook Chromebook smart TV screens and multimedia devices. Therefore, your best bet to connect Vizio Soundbar to the above-mentioned devices is to go with an HDMI cable.

To connect Vizio Soundbar to Samsung TV, you must have to use an HDMI ARC. Connecting this HDMI ARC with the Samsung TV, you can use the Soundbar with the Samsung remote control. Isn’t it amazing! The benefits of using the Vizio Soundbar with a Samsung remote will be acknowledged by only those who have lost their remote controller or their remote controller has stopped working.

To connect Vizio Soundbar to Samsung TV, all you have to do is to follow the given steps as mentioned below:

  • Start by obtaining an HDMI cable.
  • Locate the HDMI input/output port on your Vizio Soundbar.
  • Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the Vizio Soundbar.
  • Similarly, plug the other end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI port of the Samsung smart TV
  • Now, power on both of these devices namely the Samsung smart TV and Vizio Soundbar.
  • Click on the input button of the Vizio Soundbar and from the drop-down menu select HDMI connection.
  • Similarly on your Samsung tv settings change the audio output to HDMI.
  • Now try playing some media on your smart TV and its sound will be played through the Vizio Soundbar.

2. Connecting Vizio Soundbar Using An Optical Cable

For all those readers who haven’t heard about optical cable, you must be familiar with fiber optic in common terminology. In mechanical terms, this optic fiber is known by the name Toslink cable.

Of the two highest-rated methods of connecting Vizio Soundbar to Samsung TV, optic fiber is the second-best method.

The process to establish a connection using an optical cable is nearly similar to that of the HDMI connection process.

Below given are the simple steps of making a connection between the Vizio Soundbar and Samsung smart TV with the help of an optic fiber.

  • Take an optic fiber cable and make sure to remove its protective plastic coating.
  • Locate the optic cable port on your Samsung smart TV and plugin it on one end of the optical cable.
  • Note. The optical cable port on Samsung TV is coming with a dust protection cover and therefore it is hard to access. Ensure that your optical cable is properly inserted into the optic port of the Samsung TV.
  • Now plug the remaining end of the cable into the optic port of the Vizio Soundbar.
  • Power on Samsung smart TV along with the Vizio Soundbar.
  • Select the input menu and from there choose optical cable as the method of input.
  • Now turn off the TV speakers by opening the TV audio settings. In the same audio settings, you will see an option stating Digital Audio Out. Change it into either Dolby Digital or Bitstream audio.
  • Start playing media on the Samsung TV.
  • Audio of the media will start playing through the Vizio Soundbar speakers.

Analog Methods Of Connecting Vizio Soundbar To Samsung Smart TV

There are some analog methods other than these two options but analog processes are complex and have not been in use for quite a long time. Among the most commonly used analog method is the red and white cables.

The bottom line of this red and white cable method lies in its resolution. The analog method cannot pass through high-resolution audio and thus users will not be satisfied with their performance. So, using HDMI and optical cable is the most suitable method at the moment.


After going through this review article, you must be in a better position to make a connection between Vizio Soundbar and Samsung smart TV. You can choose from the HDMI cable or optic fiber depending upon the availability of the product at hand.

Plug it in the specific cable to its counter port on the Samsung TV and Vizio Soundbar. You will be good to play audio through the soundbar.

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