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Smaller problems that may occur in your PC or computer monitor usually need a few minimal steps to get corrected so you don’t have to call an IT specialist every time. A problem that is usual to experience in your PC can be “No input signal”.

This refers to the situation where the computer monitor won’t be displaying images or content of any sort. The reasons may be numerous so the problem must be fixed knowing the core issue. So, how to fix a no signal on a computer monitor?

The simplest procedure consists of a few simple steps that are easy to follow with the least effect included. Turn off the computer first to minimize the electrical hazard. Unplug those cables that build the connection between the monitor and the PC. Re-plug the cables and check the stability of the connection.

Check for the image display, if there isn’t any signal, then the cables are damaged. This procedure resolves the problem without getting additional helping gadgets. If this doesn’t help in solving the issue, your monitor might need other alternatives.

Check Input Source Correction:

If the monitor screen still displays no signal sign, the monitor may be unable to get graphics output from the PC. This happens due to the setting up of the wrong device as the input source. The input sources can be DVI, VGA, or HDMI. Makes sure that the correct connection is established.

Mismatched Resolution Of The Monitor:

The monitor screen may display no input signal due to the unmatched monitor’s ability. Each screen has a specific resolution that displays output on it. If the install graphic card setting mismatched the screen resolution, it results in a black screen and can be resolved by tuning the resolution that matches the capability to support.

Upgrade Your Graphics Card Drivers:

If you try all the possible and common methods in fixing the signal display and still the problem persisted, it might be time to upgrade your drivers and graphics. The daily change of your graphic card drivers helps in fixing bugs and enabling new features.

Test With Different Computer Monitors:

If there is no software issue, then the problem can be in the monitor and requires a confirmation test with an alternative PC screen. Check the results by connecting any other monitor screen, if you are enabled to solve the problem on your own, it’s time to seek professional help.

Tips To Avoid Such Problems:

You can avoid such a problem by carefully considering thorough research and investigation in buying a reliable PC and computer. Make sure that you pick the right kind of cables that connect your monitor with the PC. 

Video Help:

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