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Meaning Of Fps:

The term “FPS” which is abbreviated for Frame Rate Per Second determines the loading frequency of images on the laptop screen. lower rate of FPS causing delays and makes it impossible to play high-speed action games. The default FPS can be altered to have intensive gaming sessions without interruptions or delay in loading.

But how to increase the FPS on a laptop? The settings aren’t displayed as the normal routine settings but can be searched for to modify without any professional help. The basic FPS can be increased by upgrading to the latest drivers, reducing the visual effects, or modifying the graphical user interface (GUI). The settings can be checked and adjusted in the game settings accordingly.

 Extracting Files:

The extraction of files when present in the form of ZIP file mode requires a certain process to follow. The content is first drag and drops out in another folder and a path is followed by clicking the “Advanced Setting”, “Driver” tab, and “Update driver”. If you are unable to find a driver on the laptop, go for “Browse My Computer for Driver Software” and enable an upgraded video adapter driver.

Increase In Fps:

To increase the FPS, the process follows the steps of clicking “start”, “control panel”, then selecting “appearance and personalization”, and moving to “change the theme” and finally “personalization”. Next, press “Windows Classic” which helps in transferring the GUI to the less memory-intensive theme that increases the FPS. After saving, click “Back”, “Display”, and “Screen resolution”.

For ensuring the manufacturer and the driver data, click the “Advanced Settings”, “Properties”, and “Adapter” tab. Look for the adapter name by clicking the “driver”.

For navigation, open the browser and went for the “Download” or “Support” page in search of a model. This helps in making an easy comparison between the drivers to check the latest models and downloading them.

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