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Headphones are used by almost everyone. But the constant upgrades make it difficult to buy a new set of headphones every time an intuitive feature is added.

Such as in the case of noise-canceling headphones. They offer huge relief from interruptions and distractions while making you concentrate and focus on your work entirely.

Interestingly, these can be made yourself and requires no such efforts and huge investment. Even if it’s possible, how to make noise-canceling headphones?

A simple and easy process can help you in skillfully make noise-canceling headphones of your own without compromising on the quality of the headphones.

Extra Materials Required:

Before starting, some essential materials must be collected that make necessary alterations to the headphones for upgrading them with a noise-canceling feature. Look for drivers of speakers, plug or cable of working earphones, replacement speakers, glue gun, soldering iron, or Polyethylene foam.

Opening The Headphon:e

In the next step, open the headphones carefully by gently peeling the earpads so that they won’t lose their shape. They are glued with a general adhesive that can be reapplied after making specific changes.

After removing the earpads, remove the insides isolating foams located in the earmuffs as the new set of Polyethylene foam will be inserted. Cut these foams in the size of earpads that are removed early to use them in the replacement speakers.

The foam can be cut by placing the speakers on the foam and cutting the hole accordingly.

To create a hole at the bottom of the headphone, use a soldering iron. Open the earphone with a small sharp tool such as pliers so that the speakers can be revealed. After that, detach them from the wire using a soldering iron.

Inserting Foam

Insert wire or cable in the hole that is created earlier and tie a know to fix it in the place. Next, solder that wire with the speaker and place back foam in the cup by applying the gun on it. clean the additional glue using alcohol wipes.

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