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Bose Soundbars are leading audio devices that are enjoying the fame and spotlight of being the trendy products in the market. These soundbars are premium products that have claimed durability and warranty and will give you the best bang for your buck.

Most of their users are more than happy with their performance. But that’s just one side of the story and there lies a bane to this exquisite Bose Soundbar, Its remote control. One downside of the Bose Soundbar is that these devices are lacking hardware buttons to control power and volume.

In other words, you can’t turn a Bose Soundbar on or off without using the remote controller. Once you have lost the remote controller or if it has stopped working you will be in a Hussle to find a replacement as soon as possible since there is no other way around for you.

If you think so, then you are not wrong since most of the Bose Soundbar customers believe that there is no way of turning on or off the soundbar without buying the replacement remote control. But that is not entirely true, and here we are to save you from the Hussle of heading for the purchase of a remote controller.

We have extensively reviewed the web and have come up with this exclusive review to provide you with some tips and tricks for turning on and off the Bose Soundbar.

Let’s see how you can do so!

We have divided this review into two sections. In the first section, we provide you with some troubleshooting tips to help you with the quick repair of a slightly malfunctioning remote.

Troubleshooting Bose Soundbar Remote Controller

You can check the following checklist to see if there is some problem with the remote batteries or its hardware. If the batteries are an issue try replacing them and if the problem persists even after doing so, check out section two. In section two you can go through the ways of turning Bose Soundbar on and off even when your remote control has stopped working.

  1. Ensure that the Bose Soundbar speaker is properly connected to the working outlet of the device.
  2. Try using the surge protector (if available). This surge protector is directly plugged into the working outlet.
  3. Ensure both power terminals are inserted properly into the power supply line.
  4. If the batteries are wet, replace them immediately.
  5. If you have two similar devices of Bose Soundbar try checking if the remote controller works on the other one or not.
  6. If the problem is with the controller, it will not work even on the second Bose Soundbar.
  7. Try rebooting the Bose Soundbar. This can be done by unplugging all the power ports of the speaker or Soundbar and then replugging them after 1 or 2 minutes. Rebooting will solve most of the undiagnosed problems and your remote controller will eventually start working again.

If the controller doesn’t work even after rebooting then there are high chances that the problem is with the hardware of the remote controller and it will not be solved with some troubleshooting tricks.

If that is the case with your Bose Soundbar remote controller, then you have to either buy a new remote controller or look for ways of turning on or off the Soundbar without the remote.

How To Turn On Bose Soundbar Without Remote

Given below are some of the widely used and simple ways of turning on a Soundbar without the remote control.

  1. Using universal remote
  2. Using replacement remote
  3. Using a programmed remote

1. Using Universal Remote:

Bose Soundbar remotes are unique and cannot be easily replaced with the remote available on the market. Then what should be done in case of a lost remote? You can try out a universal remote to save yourself from the worries of tracking the Bose Soundbar remote.

The universal remote controller is a worthy device that is a go-to solution for almost all remote control-related problems. Universal remote will help you in controlling almost all the electronic devices like smart tv screens, audio devices, turntables, and so on.

One notable point here is that Bose Soundbar should be tuned with the universal remote controller for successful working. This tuning is easily carried out by entering the universal codes specific for Bose Soundbar such as 0156 or 0848.

2. Using Replacement Remote:

If you are not a fan of universal remotes and consider their quality questionable, you can choose the alternative option as a replacement controller. There is plenty of replacement remote control for almost all of the possible brands.

Although these remotes are replicas of original ones and have doubts over warranty, durability, and effectiveness, they are considered emergency deployment. They will prove to be worth your pennies by providing efficient performance for quite some time.

3. Using A Programmed Remote:

If both of these solutions are not fit for you then you can go for the programmed remote controllers. With the advancement in technology and the availability of knowledge at hand, everyone can be a programmer. You can consult user manuals, video tutorials, or web articles for programming a remote controller. This controller will be the best possible solution unless and until you find the right remote for your Bose Soundbar.


In this review, we have provided you with the troubleshooting steps to help you repair the malfunctioning remote controller for Bose Soundbar. We have also reviewed the best possible ways for turning on the Bose Soundbar without the remote.

You can choose from a universal control or a replacement and programmed remote control. These solutions are alternatives to the Bose soundbar company-provided remote and will be suitable for a while. Your best bet for a lost Bose remote will be to look for the new Bose remote control from Amazon.

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