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Is your Samsung smart TV giving the optical out but no sound? This is a common setback with the Samsung smart screens and can annoy users to great detail. If you are facing a similar calamity then don’t worry and save your breath. We are here to help you resolve your queries and alleviate your worries.

We have come up with exclusive reviews to help our readers solve their issues by providing them with a review article entitled Samsung TV optical out no sound solved.

Samsung TV Screens

Samsung smart screens are the champion of modern-day high definition TV screens and without a doubt, Samsung is the leading franchise that is claimed to be the best by both manufacturers and customers.

Samsung TV sales are topping the market charts and giving a serious setback to all other high-end products of similar specs and features. Despite being claimed best Samsung TV is not free of faults or perfect in its built.

The bane of the Samsung smart TV lies in its speakers. Although good enough for occasional use Samsung TV speakers are not good enough for Cinematic purposes. Therefore most of the time, users have to utilize external audio sources like Soundbars to do the job of the audio source.

Connecting an external audio source to a Samsung TV is not a complex or challenging task and one can very easily proceed with it by following a few very simple steps.

But the real deal lies in maintaining the sound and media on the same tv. Samsung tv when connected with external speakers doesn’t give any sound through them and the TV sound has been turned off while connecting the external speakers. Therefore the Samsung TV Optical is out but no sound is being heard through the speakers, both internal and external.

Are you in the same dilemma if Samsung TV Optical is out but has no sound? If yes, then get hooked to your screens and read our review with great focus.

Samsung TV Optical Out No Sound Solved

The optical cable is the bridge between Samsung TV and external audio sources. If it is not properly plugged in the right audio out port then no sound will be heard through external speakers and you will be watching a silent movie even in the modern world.

Doesn’t that sound horrible? Don’t get scared away and keep reading our review as we will surely solve your problem and provide you with the best possible solutions.

Most of the problems with a properly inserted optical cable lie in the forthcoming settings. After plugging the optical cables you have to change a few settings on your Samsung tv set and let the external speakers be counted.

Given below are a few steps to solve Audio issues with your Samsung tv.

Step 1. Audio Output Changes.

As we have mentioned earlier that you need to change a few settings for external audio sources to be considered. Audio out settings is one of those things.

Follow the steps to do so.

  • Open the settings menu using the Samsung TV remote
  • Locate the sound settings from the drop-down menu if the settings tab.
  • Under the sound section, you will see the sound output option.
  • Under this audio output, you have to change the audio output to Optical/ Audio Out in place of the TV speakers.

If you don’t find this method of Samsung optical out no sound solved, helpful then try the below-given method.

Step 2. Expert Settings

Now that you are done with changing the audio output source from TV speakers to optical out, hover down to expert settings under the sound settings.

Under the expert settings, you can find HDMI input Audio format as well as digital output audio format. Change both of these audio output formats to PCM.

Step 3. Sound Settings

After you have selected the PCM audio output format, go back to sound settings at the start menu and locate audio out.

Under the audio out tab, you will find internal TV speakers, HDMI ARC cable, and optical cable. Select optical cable.
Upon selection of optical cable, you will see a pop-up menu asking for the sound output format. Select the PCM format again symbolic of Digital Out Sound.

Step 4. Audio Testing

Now that you have done all the required stuff it is time to test out new settings. This can be done by playing any media through your Samsung smart TV. If the problem has been fixed your external speakers will start playing media audio.

If your audio is not being played through the speakers there might be some hardware issues with the speakers or the Samsung TV audio circuit as all the audio settings are done right.

Note. You must keep in mind that after doing all the required settings and checking the speaker’s hardware if there is no problem found then the issue may be with the optical cable in itself. Try replacing the optical cable with the latest wire compatible with the model of Samsung smart tv and see if it works or not.

Final Words:

After reading through Samsung TV Optical out No sound Solved, you must be aware of the problem causing your audio to turn off. If you have connected an external audio device and the sound is still being played through Samsung internal TV speakers you can follow the first step to let the sound come out through external speakers.

If the audio output is set to an external media source but still no sound is heard then you have to follow all four steps to let the issue be fixed.

Even after following all steps, if your problem is not resolved you must seek technical help and let the experts tackle your hardware issues. You can also try out replacing the optical cable to see any improvement in the connection between Samsung TV and external speakers.

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