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How To Unjam Paper Shredder

Paper shredders are essential when it comes to the disposal of confidential information when not required any longer. Shredders come in handy with all types of credit cards, papers, and documents when they are discarded for safety purposes and for information not to get leaked.

Shredders got jammed for various purposes like inserting more than the recommended volume of paper, getting crumbled paper stuck in the machine, or any other mishap. The problem than required a suitable and careful unjamming and cleaning of the paper shredder to keep it running smoothly without any interruption and problem.

The question then arises that “How To Unjam Paper Shredder?” which is answered for your convenience in a simpler way below with detailed steps:

Unjamming The Shredder

Step 1: Unplug The Shedder For Safety

Unplugging the shredder slows down the machine until it stops completely so that you can handle the problem without making it worst and allow the shredder to get cool down for easy handling. The shredder usually gets jams due to paper getting stuck in the blades.

Step 2: Empty The Basket

The unjamming of the paper shredder might happen due to full storage of the waste bin and particles reaching the blade causing the slow working of the machine. The shredder can work fine afterward if this is the primary problem.

Step3: Press “Reverse Button” And Start The Shredder

Before plugging the switch of paper shredder back in the main plug, set the shredder in the reverse option and start the shredder which then eliminates any sort of jam or particle left in the blade.

Step 4: Auto Forward To Clean It Entirely

After the reverse operation of the shredder, run the shredder at auto-forward mode so that all the stuck particles got destroyed and removed from the blade making the shredder easy-going and smooth running.

Step 5: Start With Less Load Of Paper

To check the paper shredder before using it for general usage, enter a single sheet of paper into the insertion slot so that any further increasing load wouldn’t interrupt the operation again.

Manually Removing Jammed Material

Sometimes the particles vary in their stuck position and size that it doesn’t settle with the just reverse forward operation of a paper shredder, it requires a manual mechanism to get the shredder jam-free and smooth working. The process requires careful instruction to follow as it involves sharp blades and sensitive insertion blades that when get dislocated can cause uneven working of the machine.

Step 1: Unplug The Shredder

Always unplug the shredder for safety purposes and eliminate the chances of getting the situation any more worsen. This enables the shredder to cool down and stop the electric supply through the machine.

Step 2: Read The Manual Carefully

Before operating and dismantling the paper shredder, it is necessary to familiarize yourself first with the manual instruction and proper safety measures to avoid any sort of accidents and serious injuries.

Step 2: Remove The Top Portion

The paper shredder head is removed safely to get the blade clean from the stuck particles or paper. The head should be removed with great care not to damage any part and clip of the head. The cutting edge is sharp and delicate enough so it is advisable not to touch or clean it with bare hands and operate it through tweezers or screwdrivers.

Step 3: Use Tweezers To Unjam The Blade

Use tweezers when working with the blades as it holds the stuck paper precisely and with great grip. Hands can be used if it is safe enough and careful.

Step 4: Use Screwdriver To Remove Stuck Pieces Of Paper

If tweezers are inaccessible into the blades, screwdrivers can be handy while working with the blades but one has to care enough not to damage the blades and insertion area that it makes the shredder inefficient.

Step 5: Insert Heavy Cardboard After Jam

The tricky yet helpful action if the shredder got inserted with heavy cardboard after jam as it helps the stuck particles push forward clearing the jamming area and blades.

Step 6: Oil The Jammed Part

Oiling the blades lubricates the machine and engine so that it can run smoothly without getting jammed.

Step 7: Run The Shredder In Reverse Direction

Set the shredder of reverse mode before plugging it back in the main switch and run it so that the forward stuck area can get clear for normal working. Afterward, start the auto-forward of the shredder so that the passage got clear completely.

Step 8: Test With Single Sheet Of Paper

For testing the unjamming of the shredder, insert a single sheet of paper before using it with the recommended volume of the paper.

For Avoiding Future Jamming Of Shredder:

Future jamming of paper shredders might get minimized if one considers the following measurements from the very start:

Avoid Over Filling Than Recommended Volume:

Overfilling of shredder than the recommended amount of volume makes the blades inefficient and thus end up getting clogged with particles.

Avoid Fast Feeding To The Shredder:

Shredder is a sensitive device to use as it includes blades and precise disposal of papers. The fast feeding of paper makes it slow to operate effectively and got it jammed afterward.

Remove The Wrinkles Of The Paper Before Insertion:

The wrinkled and folded paper in the thin insertion slot isn’t helpful for the shredder to get operated normally and make it slower and thus jammed with the uneven paper insertion.

Empty The Bin Frequently:

Empty the bin on a usual basis as the particles might get stuck in the machine causing the problem from the inside of the machine which is impossible to detect from the outside. The frequent emptying of bin reduces the chances of getting the shredder clogged often.

Oil The Blades Timely:

Oiling the blades for smooth running is essential as the lubrication is involved in the package as well and when gets finished, the canola oil might be used as a substitute which is normally found in the kitchen.

Notice The Material Thickness:

The thickness of the material either cardboard, paper, or any sort of document should be carefully considered before inserting it in the shredder. The thickness of the paper affects the efficiency of the blade as it is designed for delicate use and operation.

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